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Animal Spotlight: 5 Adorably Unique Creatures You Should Know About

Here’s your chance to up your game at animal trivia with this list of strange animals and their quirky features. Their unique habits are sure to leave an impression, and who knows, maybe even convince you to travel and scout them out in the wild yourself!

1. Kiwi (the bird)

Let’s start off with something that’s probably familiar (at least in name). Kiwi birds are native to New Zealand, and, unsurprisingly, bear a striking resemblance to the fruit. Anatomically, they’re very curious creatures though they always seem a little bit off balance to me. There’s also this very touching animation project by a graduate student that you can find here.

2. Flapjack octopus

Pearl from Finding Nemo was modeled after this species of octopus. The flapjack octopus is a rarely observed species of octopus, because unlike Pearl, they’re actually deep-sea creatures. They’re still just as adorable though.

3. Quokka

Quokkas are small furry marsupials that hop around like kangaroos. They’re found in West Australia. If you visit Rottnest Island, you might even be lucky enough to snap a selfie with one of these adorable animals! They’re surprisingly photogenic. Just remember that you’re not allowed to handle them or feed them!

4. Spotted garden eel

Think garden snake, except on the ocean floor. Although the garden eel can reach 40 cm in length, most of it is buried in the sand. Usually, you only see it poking its head out of its sandy burrow. They’re fun to observe which makes them a unique aquarium exhibit, although they are a fairly timid species.

5. Desert rain frog

The desert rain frog lives in Namibia and South Africa. They spend most of their day burrowed in the sand to keep cool and moist. Despite all of its round-bodied, short-limbed cuteness, the desert rain frog actively defends its territory. Wildlife photographer Dean Boshoff managed to capture its impressive defensive cry on video. Check it out below!


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Michelle is a graduate student at McGill University studying the intersection between diet and cancer. In her free time, she enjoys reading, sampling poutine restaurants, and taking pictures of flowers. 
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