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Up-and-Coming Spring 2014 Trends

Although it doesn’t feel like it yet, spring has (supposedly) sprung. We can never be sure with Montreal’s unpredictable weather but when that snow melts and temperatures soar, you want to be ready to turn your back on a harsh winter with that fresh spring look. Read bellow to find out some of the fashion, hair, makeup, and accessory trends of Spring 2014.


It will still be a little too cool for shorts and tanks, but according to many Fashion Week runways, this spring is all about the pastels which comes in different colours: pink, purple, green, coral and blue. From oversized blazers and sexy pencil skirts to tailored blouses and chic cropped jackets, pastel clothes will be fashionable. Another up and coming trend is the athletic look. The spring runways showed us numerous ways that the sporty trend could be worn well. If that’s not your thing look out for bursts of floral and patterns. When you’re starting to ease into that spring look why not start with a light sweater, high-waisted jeans and  a cute pare of ballet flats?


Sorry to say long-haired girls but it looks like hair trends are learning towards shorter, choppier looks. Styles that are being sported by celebs include pixie cuts, bobs or the lob (long bob). If you’re not willing to part with your long locks just yet why not shake off winter’s dead ends? Add in some bangs or layers and voila, you have a fresh spring face. If you are completely against touching the length of your hair there are still some cool spring looks such as messy braids, lived in, beachy looking locks, or mermaid waves


According to Glamour, there are a variety of makeup trends that have hit the spring runways this year. Starting with lips, Michael Kors’ models were sporting soft berry lips. This adds a subtle pop when wearing minimal makeup. On the other end of the spectrum, designers such as DKNY and Maybelline have been playing with brighter colours such as orange. It gives a gorgeous matte finish when applied. If orange isn’t for you feel free to experiment with other colours such as red or pink. Moving on to eye makeup, trends are looking at more electric blues, as well as metallics such as gold. It brightens the eyes and gives any skin tone a sunny glow. Darker tones should go for a bronzy gold rather than a yellowish one. Again, there’s always more neutral options such as light rose pink or smokey lilac colours. Rosy cheeks are always popular as well as the cat eyeliner effect. 


Nothing adds a cuter, girlier touch than a bow in your hair to soften some of 2014’s harsher hairdos. In terms of bags, clutches, such as snaps, envelopes, and coloured plaids, keep popping up on the runways. The news in shoes includes mules, sporty sandals, and kitten-heel pumps. Also a pair of sunglasses are essential for those bright spring days. The cat-eye (a timeless look) and oversized sunglasses are really in right now. Finally, you can never go wrong with adding your own jewelry to vary up outfits.  

Make sure you try out some of these cool new trends. It’s fun to play around with your wardrobe, hair, and makeup. You may find a new, fresh look that you adore and that takes you out of that winter slump 

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