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The struggle of gift-shopping is real, for some people more than others. I think it’s well known by now that some people are just impossible to shop for. I especially find that entering the mind of a middle school relation or my elderly grandfather is just beyond my capabilities. Hence, I can either ask them…or turn to the internet. Which I’ll have to do anyway when I get the typical “it’s nothing, don’t bother, it’s fine, I don’t want a gift” response. As a result, this is a varied selection of gift ideas, and I’ve linked where to find these products and their prices just in case anyone else also has a ton of shopping to do this month.

A password-locked pencil case that’s also a phone charger.

I think this would be a cool idea for middle-school/elementary kids. It starts at 30 USD on Amazon, which you can find by following this Pinterest link : https://pin.it/3Yqa4oE

A Love-Letter Blanket

This is exactly what it sounds like, a blanket with a letter printed on it that you compose. This could turn into the sweetest thing you’ve ever gifted someone or just a gag, depending on what you write. This is pricer though, starting at 159 USD for a blanket that’s 37×52 inches. It is the most expensive item on this list, but I think it might be worth getting anyway. They’re sold by Frankie Print co, here . Remember this on Mother’s Day, or maybe just your parents’ or grandparents’ birthday.

A Smartphone Magnifier

These are basically devices to amplify your phone’s screen so it’s used like a mini-tv. These come in really cool retro designs and average out at about 20 USD, though you can find many for 15 USD, excluding shipping.

A Game Phone Case

This is a phone case that doubles as a kind of old school Nintendo device (though it’s not actually by Nintendo). It comes in different colours, and It costs 30 USD. The somewhat childish design makes it a good fit for kids, but I personally think anyone with an appreciation for old school games would like it.

A Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

A device that connects to your phone or laptop, and then projects a laser keyboard onto any flat surface. This could be a cool gift for older people who have issues typing on the small phone-screen keyboard. It costs 46 USD, excluding shipping. Though, I admit, this one is cooler than it is useful.

A Bluetooth Mini Picture Printer

This device basically functions like a polaroid camera, but instead of printing pictures on film, it prints on paper. This is great for journaling or scrapbooking and it costs 38 USD. The paper substitute also makes it cheaper to maintain than an actual camera.


For coffee, tea, cold drinks or so on, there’s so many options. I don’t think you can go wrong with this one. Etsy has a particularly cool selection, and depending on your taste and the quality of the product prices tend to range from 15 to 30 USD. 

Pressed Birth-Flower Pendant

This is a pretty solid birthday gift, also found on Etsy. It costs 40 USD, so it’s not that cheap. However, they also have a selection of lockets, pendants and so on for better prices if you’re willing to do some digging. 

Just for the record, I haven’t actually bought any of these yet, I just spend a lot of time on Pinterest. Therefore, I do not vouch for the quality of any of these products or the trustworthy-ness of the sellers. In other words, buy at your own risk. Though hopefully, one of these ideas will be useful eventually.

Hello! I'm Haajar, an Egyptian-American student at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I'm an avid reader of novels, news, manga and (quality) fanfiction. I especially love exploring what other countries and cultures have to offer - both in real life and on Pinterest. As a professional in ways to waste time online, I tend to have a lot of opinions on both relevant and unnecessary things, and I look forward to sharing them!
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