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7 Late Night Study Spots for the McGill Night Owl

Whether you’re a night owl, procrastinator, insomniac, or all of the above, your nights may be filled with flipping through the endless pages of your textbooks. However, since the libraries haven’t instituted 24-hour exam times yet, you are probably discouraged by the lack of late night study space outside the confines of your dimly-lit apartment – it’s almost as if the universe is telling you to go home and study or sleep like everyone else. But that’s just it. You and I, we’re not the average student.  We can’t help it if our biological makeup programs us to be more alert later in the day, or if night is the only time we have time after a day filled with classes, clubs, sports, and attempts to salvage our social lives. The fact is, sometimes nighttime studying is the only option, and so to help you find a place where you can find similar vibes from other late-nighters like you, here is a list of study spots after dark:

1.     Café Olympico

Olympico is a great café in Montreal’s Mile End neighborhood, open till midnight, with coffee made by barista extraordinaires, but can be a bit loud and appear to be a sports bar to the mere passerby. So if studying with sports TV’s surrounding you is not your forte, I would suggest the next café, only a street down.

2.     Chez Boris


Chez Boris, known for its eccentric mix of sweet and salty (ever try a sandwich doughnut?), though only open until 9 pm, is a quieter alternative to Café Olympico, with fewer people and only faint music in the background.

3.     Lili and Oli

This small café, located near Solin by the Lionel-Groulx metro stop, is a cozy late night study destination. Open till 10, it features free wifi, delicious coffee, and that homey feel that is so hard to find.  

4.     Resonance Café

This vegan café is open until midnight like Olympico, but features live jazz music you can study to with your friends.  Bring your laptop and don’t be intimidated by the hipster vibes.

5.     Café Bistro el Mundo

If you’re looking for something a bit closer to campus, this place on Parc is always a good option.  Open until 11:30, they have a menu that includes fresh paninis, croissants and side salads.

6.     McLennan-Redpath Library

If you’re more of a library person and need absolute silence, McLennan-Redpath is open until midnight Monday through Thursday, although the Premiere Moisson café will only be there for you until 9 pm.

7.     Nahum Gelber Law Library

This beautiful building is a little bit of a trek up the hill and is open until 11, but sadly doesn’t have any food options nearby. 



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