6 Types of People You'll Meet This Back-To-School Season

We are back to school! And, of course, that means catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, all of whom will inevitably fall into the following stereotypes:

The person that traveled all over the world this summer

We all have that friend, if not group of friends that have created the perfect Instagram feed over this summer and your summer has just been checking Instagram every 3 hours and trying to live vicariously through them because you’re just watching Netflix in your bed with popcorn.

The new self-made millionaire from summer

You see them walking towards you, you see their new fancy shoes, their new fancy schoolbag, you don’t even have to wait for the conversation to start to know that they spent their entire summer just working and buying new glam for back to school.

The new freshmen, bright-eyed and excited

These are easy to identify, the kids that show up to class 20 minutes early with both their notebook and laptop ready. The kids whose eyes light up when the professor walks into the classroom. We get it, we’ve all been there, university is exactly like the movies, everything’s so cool.

The person that’s a new and different person after summer

Someone calls your name, you turn around. Their hair’s cut shorter, they’re starting to wear maxi dresses now instead of just shorts and a t-shirt, they got fitter, basically, all your goals at the beginning of summer have come true for them.

The reason why you cried at the end of last semester

The amazing friends you made and talked to about everything and did everything with are going to be back too! Your sad farewell at the end of last year is going to be turned around by a reunion that you already know will be the best ever!

New friends!

No matter who it is, whether or not they fit into the kinds above, talk to people! Help people out, ask people questions, work on homework assignments together, complain about the professor assigning an assignment for the second week of school together, and these people will soon become your new friends, whoever they are! Remember to step out of your comfort zone and just talk to people, you and them will be glad you did!



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