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5 Cheap Must-Try Eats Within 5 Min of Campus

1. Vua

The one-stop shop for your Vietnamese pick-me-up is only a 6 min walk from campus. Offering bánh mì, sushi, salads, pastries and even bubble tea, Vua has everything you need when you just need that extra push in the middle of the day. A 7-inch bánh mì is less than $5, while a 10-inch costs 50 cents more at $5.25. Almost all of the menu is under $10 (unless you’re feeling boujee and get a Chef Specialty, but then what are you doing reading this article), with most foods coming out to about $5. Filling, delicious, and cheap--what more could you ask for?


2. McGill Pizza

This obviously had to be on the list since it’s a classic. Right on Rue Milton, McGill Pizza has huge and delicious portions. Their all-day breakfast will only set you back about $8, but it’ll fill you up for most of the day with its 2 eggs, potatoes, 2 sides of meat, 2 slices of toast, fruit, and coffee or orange juice. The pizza obviously isn’t the best in the world or anything, but it’s definitely worth it for the price and convenience. Check out McGill Pizza if you’re feeling large portions of greasy food or eating in a diner-type vibe.


3. Super Sandwich

Super Sandwich is a hidden gem for those new to McGill or those unfamiliar with the area. Located conveniently on Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, the sandwich shop has many excited reviews from McGill students. Students love the speed of the process (it takes only a few minutes from walking in to getting your sandwich), the prices (sandwiches range from $3-5), and the huge portions ($3.75 for a sandwich nearly 10-inches for instance). It’s a bit hidden as it’s in the basement of Le Cartier building, but it’s worth the search for it. Your wallet and your stomach will thank you.


4. Japote

As one Yelper describes, “Yes. Just yes. This place is good. Very good.” Need I say anything else? Cheap dishes, extremely filling portions, and a variety of options that won’t run you more than $10-13. This authentic Japanese restaurant is located under the McGill metro stop, so maybe it’ll take you a little longer than 5 min to get there, but look how good that food looks. I’m getting hungry writing this article right now, honestly.


5. Chennai Express

Can't find a samosa sale (just kidding this never happens, but let’s pretend)? Chennai Express has you covered with not only samosas, but also curries, thalis, and dosas all under $10. They have naan also because, of course, no one can ever have enough naan. With 4.5 stars on their Facebook page, some call it the “best South Indian food in Montreal”. Take advantage of the fact that this is only a few blocks away on Rue Saint Catherine and go check it out yourself.

(all photos are courtesy of Yelp)

Melody Zhou

McGill '22

Melody Zhou is a U2 student from Boston, Massachusetts. She is studying cognitive science at McGill University with a focus in computer science and neuroscience. She is passionate about medicine and hopes to attend medical school to eventually pursue a career in pediatrics. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball and spending time with her dog.
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