4 Life Lessons My Mother Taught Me

Over the years, my mother has given me many sage pieces of advice for me to carry on into the world. I thought I'd share my favourite tid-bits here so that the whole world may benefit from her infinite wisdom.

  1. Garlic wards away evil spirits.

This lesson I had to learn the hard way. I was taught this through my mother’s insistence on putting garlic in my coat pockets which I was in kindergarten. Although I definitely did not encounter any evil spirits I also did not make that many friends, and she high key sent our family friend to work with garlic in his pocket when she mistook his coat for mine. So this one comes at your own discretion.

2. If you want someone to get out of the bathroom, fake an emergency

Have you ever been the victim of waiting for the bathroom for an obscene amount of time? Knowing that the person inside has probably done what they came to do and is now stuck biding their time scrolling through their phone while you are struggling not to think about your own business. Just yell ‘fire!’ as my mother does and you’ll see them flee out of the room as fast as they can to make way for you.

3. Never whistle in someone else’s house.

According to my mother, this is the rudest thing you can do, she never explained why but suffice it to say I now have a fully fledged phobia of people whistling indoors.

4. Always spend money on jeans, shoes and skin-care.

This one perhaps makes the most sense, my mother greatly approves of the shopping tendencies of Kate Moss, who will spend money on one nice pair of jeans and wear cheap clothing for the rest of the outfit. It’s an investment, you’ll just end up spending the same amount of money buying five pairs of cheap jeans after each one rips. Same thing with shoes; and skin-care goes on your face, so please take care of what goes on your face.


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