2019 Swimsuit Trends

The post-spring break blues are kicking in hard this week. To cope, I've resorted to online shopping for new bathing suits and blatantly ignoring the snowstorm that is raging outside my window. In anticipation of the warmer weather that we'll get, well, eventually, here are some of the biggest bathing suit trends for 2019: 


The One-Piece 

Thank goodness the one-piece is still totally on trend this year. They're like that best friend you've had since you were a little kid. You two might have drifted away during your early teen years when you thought you were too cool for each other, but now you've realized that they're the one you could always count on, the one who always brought out the best in you. This year, deep v-necks and single shoulder straps have been incorporated into the multitude of styles already available on the racks. 

The High-Waist

The high-waist trend has migrated across all fashion borders, showing up in pants, skirts, and now bathing suits too. They don't give the best tan lines but they're so cute that it's a sacrifice you may just want to make. 

The High-Cut

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from one-pieces and high-waisted bottoms, high-cut bottoms are for the bold. If you want to show off your legs, these are the ones for you!

The Criss-Cross

Crossed designs have been making an appearance in tops throughout the winter, but they've migrated to bathing suits as well. Fresh and fun, there are a million different criss-cross styles to choose from. The only downside is, again, the tan lines you might get from them. But with spray tans and sunscreen, who needs a tan from the actual sun anymore anyways? 

The Knots

While this isn't a relatively new trend, bathing suit designers are constantly showing us of the hundreds of places you can put a knot or tie on a bathing suit. Not only are they super cute but their adjustability means that you can finally have a bathing suit that perfectly fits your body. 

The Prints

Prints are all the rage this season. Animal, floral, paisley, stripes; you name it, it's trending. My personal favourites are leopard print and that tablecloth gingham print that has been turning up on the racks in all kinds of different clothing styles.  

The Pastels 

Spring or summer, pastels are in this year, which is a drastic change from the neon trends that have been floating around in the past couple years. Instead of reaching for highlighter yellow or lime green, try lavender, soft pink, or powder blue to make a splash this season. 

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