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books on brown wooden shelf
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20 Ways All McGill Students Procrastinate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McGill chapter.

Between painful lab reports, research papers, and piles upon piles of readings, McGill is notorious for its never-ending homework assignments and midterm examinations. And McGill students are just as notorious for finding any and every way to procrastinate and ignore it all. Here are twenty ways all McGill students have avoided their schoolwork at least once in their time here.

Reading the SSMU Election Campaign Facebook comments.

Poor Alexei. 

Protesting (even if you don’t know what you’re protesting for).


This is what your mother was afraid of when you decided to move to Quebec.

Club Meetings and Events.

But you have to go- there’s free food!

Spilling Sangria at Gerts.

Gerts ’til it hurts. 

Trying to pet the campus squirrels.

No one actually does this? Okay, it’s just me then.

Debating with Political Science students.

Poli sci students- you know what I mean.

Thinking of excuses to skip your class in Stewart Bio.

As if that hill wasn’t excuse enough. 

Spending half your month’s rent at Eaton Center.

At least retail therapy is cheaper than real therapy, right?

Sun Tanning on lower field. 

Well, it’s not like the warm weather stays around for too long.

Bragging about how PM Trudeau is a McGill alumni.

Because that means you’re practically related to the Prime Minister. 

Spending Too Much Time at Premiere Moisson.


Coffee is your oxygen.

Complaining About How they Replaced Tim Hortons with Premier Moisson in Redpath.

You’ll never forgive McGill for doing this to you.

Mulling over list articles. 

Buzzfeed, Her Campus, and MTL Blog are your most visited websites.

Trying to study on all the floors in McLennan.

One day you will find your floor.

Napping on the SSMU couches.


You don’t want to think about how many people have slept where you have.

Applying to those pesky summer internships.

Should you boost your CV or boost your GPA?

Netflix binge-watching.


Let’s be real; you don’t have to be a student to do this.

Getting nostalgic by looking at old photos of Frosh.

The days of freedom.

ALL those smoke breaks. 

 You go on smoke breaks even if you don’t smoke.

Worrying about what you’re going to do after graduation. 

Well, you can always just stay at McGill to do a Masters…

Tokyo Thursdays.

Okay, this only applies to first years (or at least it should).

Stressing about how much work you have to do.

Because this is both rational and productive.

Reading Her Campus McGill (duh.)

Shameless self-promotion.

No mater how much procrastination you do, it doesn’t make the deadlines just go away. A little bit of harmless procrastination never hurt anybody (okay, maybe that’s a lie), but you can’t avoid the schoolwork forever. Stay strong during finals season, McGillians. The end is (almost) near.


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Alexandra is in her fourth and final year at McGill University, studying Joint Honors Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in Sexual Diversity Studies. She is a self-described coffee addict and Netflix junkie. Alexandra is passionate about sassy comebacks, collecting mason jars, and her hair straighenter. In her spare time she enjoys binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and shopping as a sport. Follow her sarcastic pursuits on Twitter @AlmostAlexandra and her obsession with filters on Instagram @alexandrasakellariou.