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16 Thoughts You Have While Stalking Your Crush On Social Media



What’s the first thing we do when we’re crushing on someone new? Stalk them on social media of course! We’ve all done it, whether we want to admit it or not. After all, a person’s social media presence says a lot, and it’s a good way to learn more about that cute guy in your class while you build up the courage to actually talk to him. Here are some of the thoughts I’m sure we’ve all had while cyber stalking a crush:



1.    It all starts with a friend request…



2.    “He accepted my request so that means he must at least like me a bit, right?!”



3.    You tell yourself you’re not going to stalk him, you’re simply going to take a quick look at his profile to make sure he’s single.

“Please be single, please be single.”


4.    “Should I like his profile picture?? No, that’s weird.”



5.    “Aww, look at this picture of him and his mom! So adorable.”


6.*clicks right*

*clicks right*

*clicks right*


*screenshots for future reference*



7.     “Hmm… okay, he doesn’t post much on Facebook and I still don’t know if he’s single. I have to go find him on Instagram.”



8.    “OMG. This girl is in five of his pictures. WHO IS SHE?!”



9.  ” Oh, it’s just his sister.”



10. “He’s so attractive in this picture.”



11. “Wait, who is this girl who commented heart eyes emojis on his selfie from 22 weeks ago?! IS THAT HIS GIRLFRIEND?”



12.  “Ugh, nevermind. Her account is private so I can’t stalk her.” *goes back to crush’s Instagram*



13. “Okay, make sure you don’t like any of his posts or else he’ll think you’re a stalker and you’re totally not stalking!!!”



14. *accidentally likes an old photo while trying to zoom in*




15.  When you realize you’ve just spent an hour of your life stalking a boy who doesn’t even know you exist.



16. “Okay, I’m done. That’s enough stalking for today!!!”


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