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Campus Celebrity Aji Gaye

Aji Fatou Gaye is currently a junior at Mary Baldwin College. She is majoring in International Economics and Business and minoring in Peace Building and Conflict Resolution. Aji was born in London, United Kingdom; however, she currently lives in Banjul in The Gambia. Her involvement on campus includes being the President of A.S.K. and a Resident Advisor since the 2013-2014 school year. In the upcoming 2015-2016 school year Aji will serve as the Area Director. In addition, to these positions Aji has other leadership positions such as serving as an Ubuntu Mentor and as a peer tutor. 


Her Campus (HC): What is the best part about attending school at Mary Baldwin College?

Aji (A): I would have to say the best part of attending Mary Baldwin is the great effect it has on the students. Being at Mary Baldwin enhances our talents and gifts and help us (the students) grow into strong and determined leaders. Mary Baldwin has an environment that promotes great relationships inside and outside of the classrooms and that grooms very respectful and determined change makers. 

HC: A part of your campus involvement is being the President of A.S.K. Can you tell us what A.S.K. means and what its role is here on the Mary Baldwin Campus? 

A: A.S.K. is the African Student Kollective. It is a club that shares African culture will all people, students do not have to be African to be a part of the club; we welcome and adore all cultures. Our main aim is to build understanding and long long lasting relationships with all people and to eradicate the negative stigma attached to the continent of Africa. 

HC: How did you become involved with A.S.K.?

A: I was a member of the African Student Kollective since my Freshman Year. I was nominated for the position of President and I was very happy to hold the position, so I plan on doing my best and leading A.S.K. wisely until I graduate. 

HC: What are some of your duties as the president of A.S.K.?

A: My main duty as the President of A.S.K. would have to be sharing the African culture with the Mary Baldwin Campus and promoting diversity in all aspects. It is also my duty to lead by example for my board and members. Furthermore, it is my duty to think of several events that can reach the campus in a fun but educational way and making sure all individuals feel comfortable. 

HC: What are some of the major events that A.S.K. has coming up?

A: The main event A.S.K. has coming up is “Embracing Africa,” which is a fun, interactive, and educational event. It will include a fashion show portraying beautiful African attire form different parts of Africa and different cultures. Additionally, we will have African dance exhibitions, which are very exciting, as well as great food and an educative slideshow about Africa at large, with a little pop quiz and raffle prizes from West Africa. 

Another important event A.S.K. has coming up is more community service oriented, we would like to sponsor at least one female in Africa in completing her high school education. We are focused on lending a helping hand. 

HC: What are some of the rewards and difficulties you face as the President of A.S.K.?

A: The biggest reward is being able to share my culture as well as others’ with the Mary Baldwin community and city of Staunton. Also being able to lead others and building relationships is wonderful in terms of having a positive impact on those around me. We do face some difficulty in openness to different cultures from different people but it is a challenge that we will nor let get in our way. 

HC: What are your career aspirations as an International Economics and Business major?

A: My main goal in life has always been to become the Secretary General of the United Nations but before getting to that point I would like to start my own non-profit organization that focuses on helping young girls in West Africa to get an education and make something great of themselves, as well as helping those who are less fortunate. I also would like to increase the standard of living in the poor areas of the Gambia, Africa, and the entire world.

HC: Who are your biggest inspirations in life?

A: Throughout my life, I have found both of my parents to be the source of my inspiration. My mother has always led by example for me in all aspects of life. She has taught and continues to teach me how to become a respectful and respectable young lady. My father, has done the same thing and has always supported my endeavors in sports, class work, and life. Therefore, their way of living and the success they have achieved as well as the fact that they believe in me inspires me to do my best everyday of my life. 

HC: What are some things you enjoy to do during your free-time?

A: I do not have the time to watch movies or TV shows often, so I try to watch some during my free-time. But mostly I hang-out with friends, just talk, and laugh.

HC: What is one thing you will miss about Mary Baldwin when you graduate?

A: WOW! I have too many things that I would miss! But I would have to say that due to the strong relationships I have built, I would definitely miss the great, friendly, and open environment that is on this campus. 

I am a freshman at Mary Baldwin College, who is majoring in Psychology with an Emphasis in Personnel Work. I have a passion for volunteer work; especially working with homeless individuals.
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