Angelina Jolie and Feminism

Being self-conscious is the last thing you want to be during the summer. You want to show off your gorgeous physique, but what if your beauty isn’t considered “normal”? What if you’re a woman without typical feminine characteristics or vice versa?

One of the most important questions in a gender studies course is what exactly defines gender? You specifically might have Dr. Walker’s voice echoing through your mind asking, “What is the definition of  a ‘woman’?” As a diverse and accepting community here at MBC, we know that gender is not defined by the body parts that make someone biologically female or male.

Mother, actress and director, Angelina Jolie, is well known for her sexy confidence and tenacity. While some fans insisted that her popularity was amounted to her feminine frame, in 2013 the actor continued to make the courageous decision to undertake a double-mastectomy after discovering that she inherited the same mutated gene that caused her mother’s death.

As a result of this abnormality in her BRCA2 gene, the star explained that her risk of developing breast cancer was at 87 percent, and her risk for ovarian cancer is 50 percent. Last month, the mother maintained her brevity and announced that she is also having a procedure to remove both her ovaries and fallopian tubes, which will force her into menopause.

Although Jolie decided to remove all of her breast tissue and the parts inside her that make her biologically female, she remains a stellar actress, role model, and most importantly, a woman.

Angelina Jolie is just one example of how being a woman is not defined by your body parts. You can be an extraordinary, beautiful woman (or man) whether your body is “normal” or not. So soak up the summer sun in whatever bathing suit you’d like, and be confident!