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4 Reasons to Get Pumped for March Madness

March is one of the best times to be a college student. College basketball season is coming to a climax in mid-march with the start of March Madness.  There’s not much better than getting involved in ESPN’s March Madness Tournament Challenge, where you fill out a bracket predicting who will win the competition. Her Campus MBC is proud to be hosting a pool, and you should be excited too! Here are some reasons why…

1.     Friendly competition

Have you been waiting to go double or nothing on the bet you had with your friends forecasting which team would win the Super Bowl? March Madness is your chance! Fill out a few pools and put your money where your mouth is.

2.     School spirit

Baldwin may not be a DI NCAA school, but March Madness is a time to pick a university you love and root for them all the way. Maybe that means joining the Cavaliers as they root for the University of Virginia, one of our neighboring schools!

3.     Getting involved with your favorite celebrities

Every year, you can join a celebrity pool and compete with your favorite celebs! President Obama is even hosting one. So, in addition to joining our Her Campus MBC pool, check out the celebrity pools!

4.     You can win big

Some pools have buy ins, and the bigger the fee, the bigger the prize! You could win enough to cover the rest of your tuition, even. Or, if you don’t want to risk it, play it safe with the Her Campus pool and you can still win prizes.

If this got you excited for March Madness to start, make sure to join Her Campus MBC’s pool. You can click here, and you’ll be joined when you enter the password “hercampusmbc”. You can enter up to two brackets! Good luck. 


Rachel Heacock is a second-year at the University of Virginia. She is an Applied Statistics major with a concentration in Actuarial Finance with interest in an English minor. When she isn't watching baseball, she's in class, studying, or reading up on FanGraphs and MLB Trade Rumors. Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Rachel loves attending Washington Nationals games or relaxing at her southern lake house with her Lab-German Shepherd mixed puppy. 
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