10 Struggles Only Baldwin Students Will Understand

We all know that Baldwin isn't perfect, but we love it anyways. That being said, there are some things that get on our nerves anyways! Life at Mary Baldwin would unfortunately not be complete without the following everyday struggles that come with being a student here. 

1.     Feeling constantly out of breath

I bet you saw this one coming! If you go to Mary Baldwin, you’ve definitely battled with the endless amount of stairs on your way up to Hunt or the Pub from class. Those steps are a true testament to MBC actually standing for Mighty Big Calves.

2.     Getting hungry when you can’t have food

Let’s be honest, school food isn’t the best, but it would be nice if we could find a place to eat after 7 p.m. (or 6:30 on Fridays). Maybe Baldwin will extend Pub hours? In the meantime, stock up on snacks to satisfy those post-7-o’clock cravings.

3.     Using too much cellular data

The MBC-Students wi-fi is hardly ever reliable. It cuts out at the worst of times and constantly prompts you to re-login. You’re lucky if the ‘paportal’ site even pops up! Thanks to OIT, we’re trying out a new system. Try it out for yourself and see if it’s any better.

4.     Limited gym access

It’s hard to get up early and conquer the day with a trip to the gym at 6 a.m. when the gym isn’t open. The Physical Activities Center (PAC) could definitely use earlier and longer hours. Working out in your dorm room is always an option, but you can’t hit the bench or an elliptical in Woodson 302.

5.     Parking

Going anywhere is a hike on Baldwin’s campus, but it’s even worse when your car is just SO FAR AWAY.

6.     Endless MBC Digest emails

Everyone likes to stay updated on what’s going on around campus, but an email every day about Weight Watchers and someone needing a ride to a place no one is going can be a little excessive.

7.     Showering

How is it that there is never ever hot water?

8.     Having to drive to JMU to party

Yes, Baldwin allows alcohol on campus for students of age, but that doesn’t make a difference. We’ve never had a good party scene and probably never will. So, you must resort to driving all the way to JMU for a good party and make sure that you have a place to stay.

9.     Everything is due on the same day

We don’t know if professors plan this or it just magically happens, but either way, it sucks. Somehow, all your assignment and paper due dates fall on the same day.

10.     No good coffee on campus

Does the Pub really ‘Proudly Brew Starbucks Coffee’? We think not. Hunt isn’t any better either. By and By (formerly known as Coffee on the Corner) is only a block’s walk away, but wouldn’t it be nice to grab a good cup of Joe on campus?