World Series Fever

The post season for baseball has been nothing but exciting this year!  For the ALCS, the New York Yankees and the Astros battled it out.  The Astros were 2nd in the league and the Yankees were 4th. 

The two teams fought it out all the way up to game 7 to where the Yankees eventually fell short.  The Astro’s advanced onto the World Series game. 

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For the NLCS, the Los Angeles Dodgers battled the Chicago Cubs.  They battled it out in just 5 games where the Dodgers eventually took the lead. 

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Starting this Tuesday, the Astros and Dodgers will start their own battle to see who will take it all!  With both teams winning over 100 games throughout the regular season, this will most definitely be a World Series to watch.  We must stay tuned to see who will win it all! 


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