Travel Profile: Alyssa Reilly

Name: Alyssa Reilly

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Hometown: Cumberland, RI

Graduation Year: 2018

HC: So, Alyssa, when and where have you studied abroad?

AR: I studied abroad last semester, Fall 2016, in London, England, which was the first semester of my junior year.


HC: What inspired you to pack your bags and ditch Marywood for a bit?

AR: I knew in high school that I planned to study abroad for a semester in London because it has been a dream of mine since Kate Middleton and Prince William got engaged.


HC: What school did you attend overseas and how did you like it?

AR: I attended King’s College London.  Short answer: yes I absolutely loved it.  However, my long answer probably wouldn’t be what you expect because my experience came with many ups and downs but I was grateful for each moment.  I honestly had no idea how prestigious my uni was so it was a great challenge academically, but really cool to look back on and say I accomplished it.


HC: What was your favorite class?

AR:  My two favorite classes were Art and Archaeology of Greece; because my lecturer wore bright colors and was perfectly British, and Islam’s Beginnings; because I find world religion’s fascinating.


HC: What is your most memorable experience from your time abroad?

AR:  My most memorable bad experience was when I spotted a mouse in my room during my first week.  There were too many good memories to rank but my last week before returning home in particular was non-stop fun and soaking in the time with the friends I had made there, each of those days were priceless.

HC: Did you do any traveling outside of London? If so, where?

AR: I traveled several places around England as well as Prague, Czech Republic and Rome, Italy.


HC: Do you have any words of wisdom for students studying abroad in their future?

AR:  My words of wisdom would be to embrace the tough or challenging moments of your study abroad experience.  I had dreamed of living in London for so long that once my dream became a reality, I had to realize that a change of scenery didn’t take away my hatred for mornings or the discomfort of meeting new people.  I didn’t have the typical study abroad experience where I was in a new picture-esque city every weekend, but that doesn’t mean my experience wasn’t amazing.  I joined the Catholic society at my university, got to move in with seven first year students at my school (after finding that good ole mouse in my first flat) and therefore made lifelong friends who I can visit all throughout the world. 


HC: Do you have a special travel quote you feel most accurately represents your time spent in London?

AR: Life begins where your comfort zone ends.


HC: What is the one thing you missed most about home?

AR: I missed driving my car with blaring music and singing at the top of my lungs without anyone hearing me.

HC: What was the best British meal you ate?

AR:  My flatmates and I had a Sunday roast and a Christmas dinner together.  These were awesome, authentic, British meals that came with the best company.


HC: Lastly, what’s the most valuable lesson you learned during your time abroad?

AR: I learned that if you’re assigned six papers all due in the same week, you shouldn’t wait until that week to write them!!!