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Top 10 Most Dramatic Shondaland Moments

Because her hobbies include shocking us and making us cry.


1. “007” – Grey’s Anatomy

Who can forget when George wrote his nfamous nickname “007” on Meredith’s hand.

2. “Fitz gets shot” – Scandal

The moment that tuned us all into Scandal and kept us watching for years to come was when President Fitzgerald Grant got shot.

3. “Wes is dead.” – How to Get Away With Murder

Shonda you have taken my heart, thrown it onto the ground, and stomped on it a few times. You have killed of my favorite of characters, but HOW on earth do you kill of the main character of a series in season 3? I will never understand.

4. “Derek’s death.” – Grey’s Anatomy

I am still wondering how after not having cell phone service the entire episode, he gets service right as he gets hit by a tractor trailer. Suspicious Shonda. Very suspicious. And also, to have him narrate his entire death. Awful.


5. “Wes shoots Annalise.” – How to Get Away With Murder

I must admit that I kind of saw this one coming. I mean, come on, Annalise is the reason behind every bad thing that has ever happened in Wes’ life but STILL a major jaw dropper

6. “Derek gets shot.” – Grey’s Anatomy

In arguably one of the most dramatic Shondaland episodes ever, the husband of a patient who died under Derek’s watch shot Derek.

7. “Mama Pope” – Scandal

We thought she was dead and then we come to find out she is alive and well and just happens to be an international terrorist!

8. “Denny’s death” – Grey’s Anatomy

It may not have been the most dramatic episode but it was definitely one of the saddest. We miss you Denny.

9. “Who killed Sam?” – How to Get Away With Murder

We find out throughout the season that the squad (you know who I am talking about) killed Sam. Yes, it was out of self defense but it was still a jaw dropper.

10. “Olivia’s Kidnapping” – Scandal

I have to say that it did drag on for quite a few episodes but Olivia’s kidnapping was one of the most dramatic Scandal moments of all time.


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