Survival Kits!

The end of the semester has come and gone and we could not have done it without our HC Survival Kits. As always, the kits did not disappoint. They were full of goodies from 5 different sponsors and we fell in love with all of them. 

1. Tarte - Our team fell in love with tarte and it was definitley the biggest hit among the girls! Tarte is a great makeup brand that is cruelty and gluten free! I personally have a sister who is allergic to gluten and that includes makeup with gluten in it! She loves tarte and now so do all of us here at HC Marywood.

2. Krazy Glue - Let's admit that in college we all need this! Whether that be to decorate our apartments or to use for projects throughout the semester. We suggest this product to architecture students along with teaching students who are always having to do projects using glue. Use the best guys!

3. Being - We are OBSESSED with these hand creams. They are not only adorable but also great smelling and they actually work! It is dry skin season ladies! Don't let it overcome you! Use Being!

4. ALBA BOTANICA - When I say finals, you say? BAGS UNDER MY EYES, of course. Alba Botanica's Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes Cooling Eye-Revive Gel was our savior this finals week! We recommend to the girl on the go who just needs a quick fix without having to put on any makeup!

5. #ActuallySheCan - A necessity for the semester and for life! We love that this brand shows the strength and individuality of every woman. The tank tops they gave us are perfect for the gym. Catch our team member's sporting them across campus!