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Staff Spotlight: Alexandra Goebelbecker

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marywood chapter.

In the Spring of 2015, Alexandra Goebelbecker launched Her Campus Marywood with McKensie Curnow. Now Alexandra is wrapping up her last semester as Campus Correspondent as her gradauation approaches. 

Name: Alexandra Goebelbecker    

Graduation Year: 2017

Hometown: Poughquag, NY

Major: Advertising/Public Relations with a Comprehensive Social Sciences Minor

Her Campus(HC): “What has been the most rewarding experience serving as Campus Correspondent these past two years?”

Alexandra Goebelbecker (AG): “The most rewarding experience has been watching Her Campus Grow over the last 2 years. Becoming a registered student organization was a huge step for us this year and it’s just been incredible how much has changed since our founding.”

HC: “What made you want to start HC at Marywood?

AG: I wanted to create opportunities for people who loved to write on Marywood’s Campus that weren’t interested in journalism and reporting hard news. When McKensie suggested Her Campus it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring such a great organization to Marywood’s campus and create new opportunities for writers on our campus.”

HC: “What is the biggest challenge you faced as CC?”

“With any leadership role, the biggest challenge you face is communication and conflicting opinions. There will always be people who disagree with what you’re writing about or how you accomplish things but ultimately it’s most important to put the needs of the organization first and focus on that instead of the opinions of others.”

HC: “So, you’re graduating in just over a month, what is your next step?”

AG: “I’m taking the fourth year I would have spent at Marywood as a gap year before hopefully heading to law school. In August I will be moving to Orlando to participate in the Disney College Program at the Walt Disney World Resort!”

HC: “How did you manage being CC, the president of your sorority, and graduating in three years?”

AG: “Time management has been my key to success for most of my college career. I heavily rely on my planner and schedule my days so that I can accomplish as much as possible. Ultimately, I’ve found that if something is really important to you you can and will find he time for it. If something isn’t as important to you, you should trim the excess.”

HC: “What advice do you have for Her Campus contributing writers and CCs?”

AG: “I have always encouraged  our team members to focus on what they’re passionate about and write from there. I have found that the quality of you’re writing is directly impacted by how passionate you are about a  subject. Who would want to write about something they don’t enjoy? Anna and I had so so much fun writing “Back to Back” because it gave us the opportunity to discuss politics and write about our passion. I encourage current and future Her Campus contributors to find what they’re passionate about and develop your writing skills around it.

HC: “What advice would you give an incoming freshmen?” 

AG: “I would tell incoming freshman to not focus on the little details. Will the problem you’re facing right now matter in five years? If it doesn’t let it go because worrying almost never solves problems. I could have saved myself so much time and energy if I realized the bulk of my problems at 18 years old were temporary and solveable. Additionally, I would tell new students that you will learn just as much outside of the classroom as you do in the classroom and to pay important to those lessons. Enjoy your time and learn as much as you can.”

HC) “Okay let’s get serious, Dunkin or Starbucks?”

AG: “Dunkin, always. Starbucks doesn’t have doughnuts so I honestly don’t understand what all of the hype is about.”

HC: “Well, we are wishing you luck Alex. HC Marywood will miss you!”

Alexandra Goebelbecker is a senior Advertising and Public Relations Major with a Comprehensive Social Science Minor. She co-founded Her Campus Marywood in April 2015 with McKensie Curnow. She makes up 1/2 of political column, Back to Back with co-author, Anna Notchick. In addition she is an intern at Condron Media, Student Activities Shadow, President of service sorority, Alpha Sigma Psi, Vice President of Marywood's Chapter of PRSSA and AAF, and LYM Campus Crew Member. Additionally she is a former  HC Campus Expansion Assistant and current High School Program Mentor.  Her passions include pop culture, popcorn and politics.   For more of Alexandra's Work: https://alexandrajgoebelbecker.wordpress.com