Spring Necessities

  • Anti Frizz Spray

As the heat starts to kick in and the cold starts to fade, the last thing you want is your hair to stick up on your head. Anti-frizz spray is the perfect way to keep your hair manageable and pretty all day long. Use a little bit after you shower and you will notice a difference immediately.


  • Bronzer

Even though your tan is starting, your face can always use a little bronzer. Highlight your cheekbone and allow your face to shine. If you are anything like me bronzer is a necessity so you don’t look like a ghost.


  • Bobbi-pins

Necessities at every time of the year are bobbi-pins. Whether your hair is pulled back into a ponytail, bun, or a cute half up half down bobbi-pins can help the hairstyle drastically. Get the hair out of your face for when the spring weather starts happening. Spring is the perfect temperature for cute hairstyles, so try a few out!


  • Vest

Spring’s temperature can sometimes be awkward. I often find myself asking do I wear a coat? A vest is the perfect solution. It can complete your outfit and add a little extra to make you feel like your best self.


  • Baseball cap

Pull that hair back and throw that baseball cap on. Super easy for a quick throw up hairstyle when you are running out the door. Represent your favorite sports team, brand, or whatever you prefer.


  • Sunglasses

Don’t forget the sun is shinning! Protect your eyes with your favorite shades. As the weather gets nicer, the more you will be outside. You can be simple and classic or try something new and fun for the spring time, its your choice!


  • Nail polish

The gloves are off. Winter is over. Spring is here. Your hands aren’t cracked and damaged, so paint your nails and show them off. There are so many pretty spring colors that can complete any look.