Spring Break at Marywood

Welcome to Spring Break week at HC Marywood!

Our spring break at Marywood begins on March 10th and runs through the 17th. This week at HC Marywood we will be celebrating spring break and all it has to offer. Students at Marywood will  be traveling to different states and countries and some will be spending their time in Scranton. Marywood sponsors a variety of trips for their students to go on. This includes both national and international service trip, spring break tripfs for sports teams, and week-long study abroad trips to different countries. So, here is some of the things you will be hearing about this week.

Service Trips

Marywood's Campus Ministry hosts a variety of service trips over spring break. This year the trips are to Philadelphia, Houston, Jamaica, and Guatemala. The students going on these trips have been preparing since October.

Sports Trips

A variety of spring sports teams will be on trips over spring break.The teams will have games and will also be able to play outside in warmer weather.

Study Abroad Trips

At Marywood, some classes that are taken for credit throughout the spring semester have a study abroad aspect. The students taking the class spend their spring break in another country immersed in the culture.

Parade Day

Parade Day is one of the biggest partying days of the year for both Marywood and the University of Scranton. HC Marywood will be giving tips on how to stay safe on Parade Day later in the week!

Stay tuned for the rest of the week because we have some really great articles coming your way and we are very excited to share them with you!