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Spotlight: Romance Revolution @ MU

As college students, we have all seen the effects of hookup culture, either through the experiences of our friends or even our own experiences. As college students, many of us are confused about what the hookup culture means and where dating fits into all of this.

Well, students of Marywood, you are in luck because recently, one of our students started Romance Revolution, a chapter of the love and fidelity network. The love and fidelity network is an organization at Princeton University whose core values are sexual integrity, marriage and family. Founder of the club, Alyssa Reilly, wanted to create a safe space for discussion among students about the harms of the hookup culture. As college students, many of us have experienced these harms first hand and if you have ever felt like you needed to talk about these harms, now is the time to do so with Romance Revolution.

The club is completely open to anyone and everyone that wants to come. There is no religious affiliation and no judgment of beliefs. The club had its first meeting last week and over 20 students from all different majors and backgrounds came to support.

The club will do more than just open discussions as well. They will put on a campus wide activity every semester, whether that is a speaker, a film screening, or some other activity. The club will also participate in various campaigns and in things like white ribbon week, which raises awareness on the harms of pornography.

For more information, join the revolution on Facebook (Marywood University’s Romance Revolution), on instagram (@romancerevolution), and on twitter (@RomanceRevMU)! For questions, email romancerevolutionmu@gmail.com!

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