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Meet Taylor Magee

Meet Taylor Magee, a recent transfer student from Misericordia University!

Name: Taylor Magee

Major: Pre-Physicians Assistant

Graduation Year: 2018

Her Campus (HC): Where are you from?

Taylor Magee (TM): South Jersey

HC: What made you choose Pre-Physicians Assistant as your major?

TM: I find the human body very interesting and have previous history inthe medical field

HC: Dunkin or Starbucks?

TM: Dunkin because it is so much cheaper and I’m not a huge coffee-drinker so I need the flavor of their iced coffees!

HC: Cats or Dogs?

TM: Dogs! I’ve been a dog person my whole life and I’m allergic to cats.

HC: Why did you choose Marywood University?

TM: Last year, I didn’t have many options when the PA program at Misericordia University folded but I enjoy the atmosphere at Marywood!

HC: Who is someone you look up to?

TM: My Dad! He always seems to hold it together and know exactly what to say.

HC: What is your favorite food?

TM: Bagels, if you’re from New Jersey you understand the love.

HC: Where is your favorite place to go on campus?

TM: I like the gym a lot and the sance studio is super! I appreciate all of the new gym machinery.

HC: What is your dream vacation?

TM: Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef! I have always loved Sea Turtles so I think it would be amazing to see them there.




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