Meet Ryan Calamia '19

Name: Ryan Calamia

Major: English

Hometown: Hamilton, NJ

Graduation Year:  May 2019

Ryan is one of the most stylish men on campus and is also one of the orientation chairs for this upcoming year. Check out Lia and Madi’s interview with him below!


Her Campus (HC): “What are you involved in campus?”

Ryan Calamia (RC): “Ummm, SGA, admissions, chess club, orientation chair, Phi Mu Delta Fraternity.”


HC: “What is it like being orientation chair?”

RC: “It is a lot of work but also a lot of fun. It's been amazing so far, with coming up with the theme and getting everyone excited and starting to recruit for orientation leader applications.”


HC: “For those who have never been a part of orientation what is it like?”

RC: “It is life changing. You are up at school for a week and you make incredible friends, have a blast and get campus ready for incoming freshman, and getting them pumped to come here in the fall.”


HC: “For those who have no clue what an orientation leader does, what do they do?”

RC:  “They develop ice breakers and put together theater skits to help freshman learn about Marywood in interactive ways”


HC: “What’s your goal for the fraternity this year?”

RC: “To get our name out and to provide a positive influence on campus so we get people wanting our help and involvement.”


HC: “What is your fav part about being in SGA?”

RC: “My favorite part is being able to work with different offices on campus and being able to help strengthen the bonds between administration and students, so we can better campus life for everyone.”

HC: “What would you recommend to someone who is considering getting a job in admissions?”

RC: “It is a lot of fun. You learn about campus and God save Nancy Decker”


HC: “So since you are an english major, what do you want to do with your degree?”

RC: “I want to be an activist journalist, so I want to write about social issues involving various groups of people like LGBT community, women or different racial issues. I also want to cover environmental and ecological issues.”


HC: “What is your favorite place to eat in Scranton?”

RC: “Tequila, the Mexican restaurant.”


HC: “What is your favorite food?”

RC: “Italian, or Mexican essentially anything spicy.”


HC: “I see that you are into photography, how did you get into that?”

RC: “I took a class my senior year of HS and i fell in love with the idea of capturing a single moment in time and having it stay there for eternity.”


HC: “What is one thing that can always make you happy?”

RC: “Coffee, books and friends”


HC: “If you think Marywood should make one big change what should it be?”

RC: “Honestly i don't know if there is anything Marywood can change, there is little things that i think should be changed but nothing that would help campus as a whole. I think campus runs and is beautiful because of the way it is now.”

HC: “If you were a bagel, what bagel would  you be?”

RC: “Honestly, I’d be a cinnamon raisin,”


HC: “Last question: Dunkin or Starbucks?”

RC: “Mom and Pop cafes.”