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Meet Nicollette Bordo!

Meet one of our newest undergraduate admissions counselors. She is an avid Crossfit lover and the newest member to the admissions staff family!


Name: Nicollette Bordo

Hometown: Archbald, PA


Her Campus (HC): “ Hi Nicollette, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us!”

Nicollette Bordo (NB): “ Thank you”


HC:  “ What do you do on campus?”

NB: “ Undergraduate admissions counselor”


HC: “ What does being an undergraduate admissions counselor entail?”

NB: “ A lot. We travel to recruit students all over the United States, we also review applications, we meet with families to discuss the student's plan for education, and make personal connection with prospective students”


HC: “ What is your favorite part of being an admissions counselor?”

NB: “ Helping people who may not know what they want to do after high school.”


HC: “ You work closely with some of our students that are admissions ambassadors correct?”

NB: “ Yes”


HC: “ What is it like working with the students?”

NB: “ Amazing, I can only speak of 2 people, but Lia and Brandon help our office so much with sending postcards and posters and giving tours and just being great people.”


HC: “ Since you are a brand new counselor at Marywood, what do you think about Marywood?”

NB: “ I think it is very friendly and very family community oriented. I like the staff, I think they are very helpful.”


HC: “ What is your favorite food?”

NB: “ Anything italian”


HC: “ Where is your favorite place to relax when you are not in the admissions office?”

NB: “ Crossfit570, I like to workout and spend time with my family and friends”


HC: “ Who is your celebrity crush?”

NB: “ Channing Tatum”


HC: “What is your dream vacation?”

NB: “ I have been to Italy which was already my dream vacation, but now I want to go to the rest of Europe.”


HC: “ Okay, last question Dunkin or Starbucks?”

NB: “ Dunkin”


Senior, Hospitaltiy Management and Marketing major from Potomac, MD. I love guac, sleeping, and eating.  Twitter: @liasohl   Intagram: @lia.sohl 
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