Meet Kylie Winton '19

Name: Kylie Winton

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Lansdale,PA

Graduation Year: 2019 

Her Campus (HC): "What are you involved in on campus?"

Kylie Winton (KW): " Marketing club, zeta phi delta, Marywood University School of Business and Global Innovation Facebook page, lacrosse"

HC: " What is the best part about being on the lacrosse team?" 

KW: " The girls are not just my teammates but they are my family. I know I could go to them for anything because they are my home away from home. I have been playing lacrosse since I was in fifth grade and it has helped mold me to whom I am today, so I love that I get to continue it in college." 

HC: " Is the lacrosse team going anywhere for spring break?" 

KW: " We are going to Virginia to play Shanendoah University" 

HC: " What do you guys do in Virginia?" 

KW: "We will be practicing and playing one game. Also we will be exploring around Virginia for team bonding!"

HC: " What is your dream spring break?" 

KW: Florida would be nice."

HC: " Do you guys wish you went somewhere warmer?"

KW: " I do! Last year we stayed local and got hit with a huge snow storm so it felt more like winter break then spring break! Going somewhere warm would be nice and a great change from the colder weather!"

HC: "What do you want to do after college with your degree?" 

KW: "I want to focus on a career in merchandising."

HC: "What is your favorite food?"


KW: " Any type of pasta"


HC: " Do you prefer summer or winter?" 


KW: " Summer for sure! I love the beach!"


HC: " Dunkin or Starbucks?" 


KW: " Dunkin...I live off their iced coffee."