Meet Kellie Stevens ‘18

When she's not running around campus planning soririty events, you can find her at the hospital preparing to be a nurse! Meet Kellie Stevens '18!

Name: Kellie Stevens

Major: Nursing with a minor in Nutrition

Graduation Year: 2018

Hometown: Stanhope, NJ

Her Campus (HC): “ Hi Kellie, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy week to sit down with us.”

Kellie Stevens (KS): “ Thanks for interviewing me.”


HC: “ What are you involved in on campus?”

KC: “I am the President of Alpha Sigma Psi and try to volunteer at the SNAM events when I can!”


HC: “What is it like being the President of Alpha Sigma Psi?”

KS: “Being the President is a big responsibility but it is also such an honor to represent Alpha on campus! I have so much fun and I think it has also made me closer to each of my sisters.”


HC: “For people who don't know what Alpha is, can you tell me a little bit about it and what you guys do?”

KS: “Alpha Sigma Psi is one of the sororities here on Marywood's Campus!  We are dedicated to working with children and our future generations through organizations like St. Jude’s Research Hospital, The Ronald McDonald House and local causes like the Jude Zayac Foundation.  We have a great sisterhood full of girls who genuinely care about each other and also love to have fun! I am constantly laughing and have met some of my best friends through Alpha.”


HC: “What is your advice for girls going through rush?”

KS: “Be yourself! I remember going through recruitment my freshman year and being so nervous but just try to relax. You never know until you try, Let your true self shine!!”


HC: “Favorite event you have done with Alpha?”

KS: “My favorite service event that we do every year is a tie between the Santa Parade in the fall semester (I love Christmas and its always funny trying to walk the big balloons through downtown) and Kidstuff in the spring because all of the kids that come love the event every year!”

HC: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

KS: “Hopefully I will be finishing up either my DNP (doctorate of Nurse Practice) or CRNA (Nurse Anesthetists) and working at a big hospital!  I also hope that I will have time to travel and explore the world”


HC: “Whats your favorite Marywood Memory?”

KS: “Its also an Alpha memory, but definitely the moment I met my little’s!”


HC: “Who is your celebrity crush?”

KS: “Currently Lip from Shameless." *giggles*


HC: “What is your dream vacation?”

KS: “I really want to travel to Greece after graduation with my little Tiff.”


HC: “ Last question, Starbucks or Dunkin?”

KS: “Tough choice!! I need Starbucks for my overnight shifts at the hospital but love Dunkin because of their flavored coffees.”