Meet Katie J, 19'!

Meet Katie Jeleniewicz ‘19



Her friends call her Katie J... meet Katie.  If she is not down in Mcgowan in the clinical prep room or at her amazing off campus house, she is with her Zeta sisters. She found time to sit down with us to talk about what she does on campus and about Zeta Phi Delta rush.


Name: Katie Jeleniewicz

Major: Speech Language Pathology/ CSD

Graduation Year: 2019

Hometown: Warwick, New York


Her Campus (HC): “ So Katie, What are you involved in on campus?”

Katie Jeleniewicz (KJ): “I write monthly for the CSD newsletter and I am the social chair for my sorority, Zeta Phi Delta!”


HC: “For those who do not know what Zeta Phi Delta (ZPD) is, can you tell me a little bit about it?”

KJ: “ZPD is a service-social sorority here at Marywood. We raise money and promote Breast Cancer Awareness, and also do so many fun things together all throughout the school year! We are made up of 52 unique personalities that come together to make an awesome group of best friends who support each other, raise each other up, and make each other laugh!”


HC: “Zeta rush is coming up soon, can you tell us about the rush process?”

KJ: “It’s such a fun time to meet new people and step out of your comfort zone! We have three nights in the UMDH (This year it’s 1/29-1/31 at 9pm) Where we play games, get to know each other, ask questions, take pictures, eat yummy snacks, and see who would be a good fit to join our sisterhood!”


HC: “What does being the social chair of Zeta entail?”

KJ: “I am so lucky because I get to plan all the fun things we do together! This could be as simple as a Chipotle dinner night, or as big and exciting as our end of the year Formal! Which everyone looks forward to! (So make sure you Rush Zeta, so you can come to formal!)”



HC: “What is your favorite thing about being in Zeta?”

KJ:  “My favorite thing about Zeta is honestly the people who make it up. I know it's so cliche and basic, but my sorority sisters are truly the best friends I could have ever asked for. We laugh together literally every single day, and the friendships continue long after your time in Zeta comes to an end! It’s not four years, it’s for life.”


HC: Why did you join Zeta? and what would you tell girls who want to join Zeta?

KJ: “Honestly, Freshman year I was so homesick! I was going home to New York a lot and didn’t feel like I had found my place. I joined Zeta to hopefully make friends and find a reason to stay! I would say if you’re thinking about rushing Zeta, just do it! I was on the fence, and actually didn’t even go to Day 1. I am being honest when I say that rushing Zeta changed my life and was the best decision I’ve made in college thus far. It gave me the friends and support system I needed to make Marywood my home!”



HC: What is your favorite memory with zeta?

KJ: “Formal last year was seriously my favorite night of the year! Everyone danced the night away and we all had the best time, and I can’t wait for this year! Hopefully some of you reading this can come and know what I am talking about!”


HC: “What is your advice for girls going through rush?”

KJ: “Honestly just be yourself! There is nobody better! Don’t try to change yourself, we are a sisterhood made up of SO many unique personalities, that we want to see the real you! It may seem intimidating at some times, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about! It is all worth it in the end! So come on out. Can’t wait to meet you all!”


HC: “Who is your celebrity crush?”

KJ: “Chace Crawford or Dave Franco.”


HC: “Tell me a little more about being a CSD major.”

KJ: “I am in the 5-year Masters Program here at Marywood, which I am forever thankful for!! I am working to become a successful Speech Language Pathologist! I hope to someday be working with children, I am just not sure in what setting just yet, most likely an elementary school or hospital!”


HC: “Why did you pick CSD as your major?”

KJ: “I always knew I wanted to impact and change the lives of children! I just wasn’t sure which path to take! I considered both teaching and speech in high school, and finally decided speech is the best of both worlds! I can’t wait to someday better the lives of so many children and give them a voice.”


HC: “What is your dream vacation?”

KJ: “I am honestly happy wherever I have sand in my toes, a drink my hand, and the ocean to swim in.”


HC:  “You live off campus right?”

KJ: “Yes, I do! On Mulberry Street!”




HC: “What is the best part about living off campus?”

KJ: “Having so much space and freedom! I have company pretty much every weekend and love being able to walk to different restaurants, stores, etc.”


HC: “What do you do in your free time?”

KJ: “I wish I had a lot of that (LOL) but I babysit two awesome girls a few days a week. I also love to thrift shop, facetime my friends from home, Eat at Chipotle, and go to Zumba!”


HC: “ Last question, Dunkin or Starbucks?”

KJ: “I don’t actually drink coffee, but I would probably say Dunkin for a classic iced tea.”