Meet Brianna Lawless '19!

Name: Brianna Lawless

Major: Nutrition and Dietetics

Graduation Year: 2019

Hometown: Dunmore 

Her Campus Marywood (HC): "Okay Bri, so what are you involved in on campus?"

Brianna Lawless (BL): "Currently I am apart of Marywood's Love Your Melon Campus Crew, a member of SAND which is the Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and a part of the dance program, Dance Elan."


(HC): "What made you chose Marywood as your school?"

(BL): "I knew I wanted to major in Nutrition and Dietetics and Marywood has a really great program for it. When I was accepted into the program I was honored and new the school would help me be successful in reaching my goal of becoming a Registered  Dietitian Nutritionist." 


(HC):"Your spring show is coming up for the Marywood Dance Company, how have you been preparing for that?"

(BL): "Our spring dance show is May 5th and 6th. We have been rehearsing weekly since the beginning of the semester but as the show is getting closer we will begin having rehearsals nightly. We normally have rehearsal in the dance room at the gym, but the week of the show we will be on the stage in the Performing Arts Center to be fully ready for our first show on that Friday."


(HC): "You're also involved in Love Your Melon at Marywood. What has it been like being involved in the organization's first year on campus?"

(BL): "I love being apart of Love Your Melon. Its a great group of girls who all have the kindest hearts and want to help as many families as possible. A lot of times we make cards and send them to the children in hospitals hoping we can somewhat brighten their days. Its a great feeling to know that a little kid may have smiled that day because of a card you sent them. I think Love Your Melon's first year on campus was really successful and I am very excited to see how it grows and what else we are able to do with it as we start our second year of it in the fall."


(HC): "So, you're from this area, what was it like growing up here?"

(BL): "Growing up in Dunmore is something really special. The entire community is like one big family and I love being apart of that. As a lot of people from Marywood have noticed, Friday nights are a pretty big deal in Dunmore. Dunmore Bucks football is a huge tradition that I was lucky enough to be apart of. I have seen my community come together in times of need and noone is alone here. This small town always stands together and I am proud to say I am from this area and also a former Dunmore Buck."


(HC): "What is your favorite thing to watch on Netflix?"

(BL): "My favorite show to watch on Netflix used to be Shameless, but I have recently started 13 Reasons Why, and that might be a game changer."


(HC): "If you could give incoming freshman advice on college, what would it be?"

(BL): "My advice to incoming freshmen would be first, to be yourself. I know going into freshmen year everyone is panicking about making friends and meeting people but the right ones will come. Theres no reason to force yourself into doing things your not into or pretending to be someone else. College campuses are big enough and theres a group of people for everyone. Second, do your homework and study! It doesn't matter if high school was a breeze for you or not, college is a totally different animal. Get your assignments done, study for your exams and you will be successful you just have to put the time and work in. Lastly, your going to be stressed out, tired, and probably have a couple breakdowns. That's ok! We are all in the same boat so don't be afraid to talk it out with your friends and family thats what they are there for and trust me it helps."


(HC): "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

(BL): "I haven't fully decided the exact career path I want to take in the Nutrition field yet, but hopefully I will have passed my certification exam and be a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist working either with pediatrics or in a private practice setting seeing clients for numerous reasons."