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Marywood Cutie: Andrew Pellechia

You can usually find him studying in the Science Center or on the soccer field. He loves a girl with a sense of humor and is single. So, here’s some things you should know about him ladies! This week’s campus cute is… Andrew Pellechia!

Name: Andrew Pellechia

Age: 18

Graduation Year: 2018

Major: Pre-Physician Assistant

Hometown: New City, New York

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Food: Chicken Parm

Favorite thing about Marywood: “I’d have to say the girls from 241.”

Favorite musician: Florida Georgia Line

Celebrity Crush: Blake Lively

On Campus Activities: Soccer

Pet-Peeves: when people talk to much

If you were stuck on an Island you would need: a boat

Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

TV Show: Scandal

Describe yourself in three words: hot as hell

Favorite quality in a girl: humor

Ideal date: May 5, because it’s not to hot and not to cold.

Fave song to dance to: T Wayne- Nasty Freestyle

Who inspires you? My parents

Where do you see yourself in five years? Working in a hospital

Do you have anything planned for this summer? “I’m working in a hospital and at a camp.”

What do you want to specialize in for PA? “Umm, undecided”

Do you consider yourself funny? “Yes, very funny.”

Can you tell us a joke? “Umm, I’m not funny in a joke way, more of a socially awkward way.”

Do you have any weird habits or quirks? “I talk to myself way too much. Please, don’t put that.”

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