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Marywood Celebrity: Zack Bruzgo

Zack Bruzgo just completed his first semester at Marywood. One of the newest additions to the Comm Arts family, Zack is known as a friendly and creative dude. He can often be found with a camera in hand or talking about the latest concert he filmed. Read on to find out more about this week’s Marywood Celebrity.
Name: Zachary Bruzgo
Major: Digital Media
Year: Junior
Hometown: Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle
Her Campus Marywood (HC): Why did you transfer to Marywood University?
Zack Bruzgo (ZB): I transfered to Marywood because I only heard great things about the Digital Media department. The campus is beautiful on the outside and everyone I know who goes here or went here loved Marywood.
HC: Why did you choose Digital Media as your major? What do you like about it?
ZB: I chose Digital Media because ever since I was little, I loved cameras and loved all types of media like movies, music and photography. I know through digital media I can fully express my ideas and emotions through the camera. I find editing photos or videos is somewhat meditative. 
HC: You’re often seen with a camera in hand. When did you start creating videos and taking photos?
ZB: I started making videos at the tender age of 10 with my buddies and making short films of use being little goofy kids breaking into abandoned buildings and causing trouble. But I am actually new to photography, like I honestly just started taking photography seriously 2 months ago. 
HC: What do you usually take videos of?
ZB: I love taking videos of concerts and musicians, I am a big believer that music opens up a door into the mind and can make anyone bring out their inner emotions. I love capturing people in the crowd and how they react to a song. But I also love making videos of people in general. It doesn’t matter who the person is, everyone has a chance to be famous. 
HC: Who/what inspires you?
ZB: My biggest inspiration is life in general. When I am driving around the world, I tend to see most things as potential art. I look at things in a different perspective than most people do. Music also helps me focus and opens a floodgate of ideas and helps me think of things I would never think of.
HC: You go to a lot of concerts. Who are some of your favorite artists?
ZB: I’ll give you my top five sets of all time. 
1. Tipper at Camp Bisco
2. Bassnectar at Moonrise
3. Griz at Mysteryland 
4. Big Gigantic at Madison Square Garden
5. Pretty Lights in Camden, New Jersey
HC: Have you ever met any cool celebrities while filming concerts and festivals?
ZB: Well I have met Funtcase and got to hang out with him before his show last week. He is one of the reasons why I got into dubstep.
HC: Where do you most often hang out on campus?
ZB: I am mostly in the library or in the editing rooms working on a school project or a personal project. 
HC: What activities are you involved in?
ZB: Well, I am getting involved with the radio and TV stations next semester since they are finally going to be ready to use. 
HC: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
ZB: In 10 years I would love to be in the movie industry, or working on a television show, or working with a music website, or magazine shooting festivals and concerts.
HC: Anything you’d like to add?
ZB: Follow my facebook page, Panda Media, or my instagram, The_Panda_Media and please be kind
McKensie is a senior at Marywood University majoring in Advertising and Public Relations. She is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Marywood which she co-founded in April 2015 with Alexandra Goebelbecker. McKensie also serves as a blogger for Frame Your Future, an anchor for TV-Marywood, Arts & Entertainment Editor for The Wood Word, and captain for Marywood's cheerleading squad.
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