Love for the Food Network

Who doesn’t love to watch TV? TV is a best escape of all the things that are going on in the real world and all the things that you want to avoid with college. While most people watch all the usual channels and TV shows like This is Us, Black Mirror, Modern Family etc…. I happen to not watch any of those shows. I love love love the Food Network. The Food Network is classically known for reaching the age demographic of 30-50 year olds. As someone who is 21 and watching the channel everyday, I am probably not the viewer that they expect.


I watch the channel religiously and watch it daily and at any time.  I am very happy that they have a wide range of shows and keep me entertained all day and all night long. For those who have never seen the food channel and if you haven’t I am 1 sorry that you haven’t and 2 you really need to start watching because once you start you will not stop. The show types range from informal, competition to a sort of reality TV show. There is truly something for everyone. Some of my favorite shows are Worst Cooks in America, Iron Chef America, Holiday Baking Championship, The Kitchen and finally Giada At Home. Food Network has over 50 shows that are running everyday. But there are some negatives to the channel, like on every friday night they play Diners Drive-Ins and Dives from 6pm-12am. Let me tell you I am not sure how many episodes that show has but it’s too many. For all of you who have never watched the channel I challenge you this spring to check it out, you will grow to love it like I did.