Graduating as told by Michael Scott

Graduating college is a huge accomplishment. As a little child you wish for this day. However time flew by and the day has finally arrived. The real world is right around the corner, are you ready for it?

1. When people ask you what your plans are for the future

“What are your plans for after you graduate?” This is the dreaded question. The amount of times a senior will hear this, will cause them to cringe.

2. When you have the best friends to help you get through college

You came into college knowing absolutely no one and over the course of four years you could not think of your life without the friends you made. They have been there for the ice cream runs, stress eating nights, crying sessions and all the trips to Chipotle. The memories you made will always be cherished.

3. However, graduating means being separated by your friends

In college, you are with your friends every minute of the day and now miles will separate you guys. Planning will soon become you and your friends next best friend.

4. When all your friends have jobs lined up and you don’t…

Getting a job lined up after graduation is no easy task. Stay optimistic and keep trying!

5. After you recieve your diploma


Congratulations!! You received your diploma and are now officially apart of the real world!