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Fire and Gasoline

Disclaimer: This article is not about any of the author's college relationships.

“We’re like fire and gasoline. I’m no good for you. You’re no good for me.” – Chris Young

Fire and gasoline are two things that are strong in and of themselves. When mixed together, they create something even stronger but that something could also be destructive. That was us. You were fire and I was gasoline. We were strong when we were apart and even stronger when we were together. But, one thing I learned is that fire and gasoline aren’t meant to compliment each other. Gasoline is meant to make fire stronger, fiercer, and wilder until they both burn out. That was us. We burnt out.

I believe that I was the gasoline in our relationship. Probably because as soon as gasoline touches fire it goes up in flames, and I honestly cannot think of a better way to describe what happened to me. After gasoline is poured onto fire, there is no way to go back. And that’s me, I can’t go back because you have affected me too much. The two cannot be separated and that is how I feel. I will always carry a little bit of you around with me.

You were fire because you were strong by yourself but also because you always seemed to overpower me. To me, it always felt like people were mesmerized by you and I fell to your wayside. You didn’t need me just like fire doesn’t need gasoline. Sure, it helps to make fire burn brighter but at the end of the day, fire could still burn even without gasoline. 

You have probably heard the expression “adding fuel to the fire”. It is usually used to describe a bad situation that is worsened by anger or hostility. That was us. We were bad for each other from the start and we were constantly making it worse. We did things just to make each other angry.

Fire and gasoline are destructive when they are mixed together. We were destructive. We were always hurting each other’s feelings and making each other upset. Fire and gasoline end up hurting people if they get too out of control. We were out of control. We didn’t just hurt each other, we hurt the people around us as well. My friends tried to fix me but we all know, that sometimes fire is too destructive and not everything could be fixed.

When fire and gasoline are mixed together, the two will burn out. It is inevitable. I think that us burning out was inevitable as well. We were never meant for each other and we knew that. We knew that things would come to an end but we put it off for as long as we could.

I think that fire and gasoline fight to burn for as long as they possibly can. And, I think that was us. We fought for each other and tried to stay together. But, in the end, all that’s left after a fire is ashes. That’s all that’s left of us too, small little pieces of what used to be.

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