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Fall Style Report

Fall is the season I anticipate the most. It’s the season of oversized sweaters and jeans, booties, scarves, cute hats, and accessories. It’s the season where I love trying new things when it comes to my style. Most days, my style is simple, yet cute. I like to put certain looks together that make it seem that I took my time with it, but in reality, I just picked something out of my closet, threw it on, and maybe added a few accessories to make it look more put together. I’m going to share a simple outfit and a few ways how I like to change it up.

This is my typical outfit that I like to wear on a chilly Fall day –  a pair of cuffed jeans, an oversized sweater, and a pair of booties. Like I said, I like to take a simple outfit and add some accessories to pull the look all together. For this look, I’m wearing the Seriously Stretchy Light Wash Blasted Knee High-Wasited Ankle Jegging from Aéropostale. I added a tan floppy hat, with silver detailing as well as a cute black scrunchie around my wrist. As for jewelry, I added an Aéropostale silver choker, some silver rings, and earrings.

I decided to keep the same look, but add some cute Aéropostale sunglasses. On a sunny Fall day, this is the perfect look if you’re going for a simple and chic look. 

This time, I decided to ditch the hat. Instead, I pulled my hair back into a tight ponytail and added the scrunchie to make it look cute. Something as simple as a hair change and adding a cute hair accessory can bring your look together and make it look even cuter.

Anybody can take a simple outfit and make it their own. I like to take simple outfits and turn them into a look where it seems like I took my time and made an effort. It’s easy to do and you’ll be feeling good and looking fabulous for the Fall. 

Christiane Lowcher is a double major in Criminal Justice & Sociology at Marywood University. Christiane has been the Captain of the Women's Golf Team at Marywood for three years. She is a lover of food, Netflix, and makeup. She's just a girl who's figuring her life out day by day and living by her motto, "You just gotta be happy with your life!" Instagram: c_lowcher Twitter: clowcherr
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