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Girls are half riddle, half conundrum and all-embracing wackos. Figuring out what we want is the one subject guaranteed to cause men headaches.

But the real truth is that men drive women just as crazy. Women often expect things from men that they aren’t willing to give. There are certain things that make a girl want to run and never come back.

Here are 9 things men do that make us females secretly hate them:

When you’re disrespectful to others:

Rudeness is secretly a weak persons imitation of strength, and no, fist fighting does not make you look “bad ass.” Be the bigger person.

When you ask why we’re wearing too much makeup:

Here’s an idea- don’t. Makeup is the sole reason most women need 30 extra minutes every morning. We do not wake up looking like chiseled goddesses.

This shit takes work.

When you send that “wyd” text at 3 am: 

We know you want this fine piece of ass but you better consider some wining and dining before you let your head get that big.

When you laugh at us during an argument:

What the hell is so funny? If a girl is picking an argument with you, trust me, she could not be more serious.

When you ask, “Who wants to drive” on the first date:

That question does not even exist. Pry out the inner gentlemen deep inside of you, tell her you’re going to pick her up, and don’t take no for an answer.

When you send a “surprise” snapchat:

Dudes, we do not want to see your junk in a 10 second feature. As women, we can and do appreciate all shapes and sizes,but for the love of God, unless someone expresses interest, keep it to yourself. And that’s one to grow on.

When you break a promise:

Seriously, if you’re not going to commit to something don’t give her hope. We take your assurances very literally.

When you accuse us of being on our periods just because we’re in a “bitchy” mood:

There are these things known as “bad days”.


When you call us “prude” because we won’t hookup with you:

There are plenty of reasons one might choose to slow down or speed up the track to sexual satisfaction, none of which are any of your business. 

Thirsty much?

The only BS I need is bags and shoes.
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