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5 Reasons to Apply for a Spring Break Service Trip

Article by: Brooke Ackerman

1. See a Need, Fill a Need

    Alternative Break Service Trips are an opportunity to fill a need in community that is different than your own.  Each trip focuses on a different mission and population.  There is most likely a service trip that fits your interests and talents.  For example, if you are a medical major check out the Guatemala Medical Mission trip Marywood runs every Spring Break!  Every year Marywood runs 6 trips with different focuses!

2. Life Changing Experiences

    As a participant on two Alternative Service Break Trips, I can guarantee that you will have at least one life changing experience on your trip.  You may not realize it while on the trip, but service break trips become a part of you for life.  Personally, I think about my two service trips often and have dedicated myself to some of the organizations I worked with while on my service trips.

3. Lifelong Friendships

    On service trips I have met two of my very best friends here at Marywood.  Service Trips allow you to get to know your peers in a very intimate and personal setting.  There are no secrets when 12 of you are working and living everyday together for a week.  And while there is lots of time for service, there is also lots of time for games and activities to bond with one another.

    No one leaves without at least one lifelong friend or if you’re lucky twelve.  You will see your fellow participants on campus after the trip and you always know that you have a friend in them.

4. An Opportunity to See the World

Service Trips are an amazing way to see the country and the world.  Marywood University sponsors both national and international service trips.  It is a great opportunity to see a foreign city or country for a low price while also doing service!

5. Resume Builder

Not that this is the number one reason to go on a service trip, but Alternative Service Break Trips are great resume builders.  It shows a dedication to cause and a commitment to service.

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