5 Gifts To Give For Secret Santa

From coworkers to college friends, no matter who you are, you have probably done some form of secret santa. But sometimes you pick one person and you think “ what the hell am I supposed to get them?” Well here are 5 things that are good to get anyone no matter how picky they are.

BONUS: They are all under $30


  1. Anker Portable Charger ($25.99)



Everyone has a phone and we all worry about running out of power. This takes that worry away. The great thing about this charger is it charges your phone 3 times before it runs out of battery. It works for any phone and is great for that tech savvy person in your life.


2. Bath and Body Works Candles (~$15.00)


It’s the winter time and everyone wants to keep warm. Bath and Body Works has so many amazing smelling candles, there is one for everyone. They are 3 wick and last a lifetime.

3. Bottle of Wine (~ $10.00)


Who doesn’t love wine? No one. All kinds of wine in the world so this is a perfect gift for anyone who loves a nice glass.


4. A Fuzzy Blanket ($8.95) and Fuzzy Socks ($8.50)


What is better than sitting at home with your fuzzy socks on and a warm blanket? NOTHING. Give these to someone who you think needs to stay warm this holiday season.


5.  Cute Scarf ($16.99) and Hat ($15.00)


Cute scarf and pom beanie are essentials for the winter time. Blanket scarves and pom beanies are the newest trend this season, so give this scarf to someone who is a fashionista.