20 Thoughts I Have Everyday on Marywood's Campus


  1. “Why did I come here?”
  2. “Oh god why is that person staring at me? I literally hate them.”
  3. “Oh god. One of the two attractive guys on campus is walking towards me. Act cool.”
  4. “He didn’t say hi. But we made eye contact. Things are getting pretty serious.”
  5. “I wonder if I’ll see anyone I know in the library.”
  6. “I mean, I probably will. I know practically everyone on this campus.”
  7. “Eww, no, not you. I did not want to see you.”
  8. “I just had breakfast, is it bad if I eat lunch?”
  9. “Stop giving me dirty looks. Yes, I am in this study room alone.”
  10. “Do I have to go to class?”
  11. “My professor only takes attendance once a week so I might be able to skip.”
  12. “I’ve skipped three times already. I have to go.”
  13. “Where does Marywood get these professors from?”
  14. “I should have skipped this class.”
  15. “Can I be a freshmen again?”
  16. “I should go to the gym today!”
  17. “I wonder what Naz is serving for dinner.”
  18. “I have no money.”
  19. “I’m going to be in the library all night.”
  20. “How is it only 9? I’m exhausted.”
  21. “I’ll finish my work tomorrow. It’s time for bed.”