15 Tips for Staying Safe on Parade Day

Parade Day is right around the corner and, as always, students from Marywood, The University of Scranton, Keystone, and other colleges are gearing up in anticipation of the day. Parade Day should be a fun experience for anyone attending so here are my tips for staying safe!

1.Don’t go out too early.

Starting your day at 7 a.m. may seem like a good idea, but when your body is telling you to go home at 1 p.m., you will regret it.

2.Know your limits.

I cannot stress this point enough. Being safe starts with knowing when enough is enough.

3.Have a place to stay.

If you are coming in for the holiday, please have a place to stay ahead of time so you are not searching for a house at night.

4.Have a designated driver.

Not only will it keep you safe, it will also save you the money of taking cabs and ubers.

5.Never get in a car with someone who has been drinking.

This should be obvious but it happens way to often. Remember that there are other people on the road who do not deserve to be hurt.

6.Don’t go anywhere with someone you don’t know.

Again, this should be obvious but some people forget this when they are intoxicated. You do not know someone that you just met well enough to go anywhere alone with him or her!

7.Don’t get in a car with someone you don’t know.

Do not trust someone you just met to drive you somewhere, especially if they are intoxicated.

8.Don’t wander away from your friends.

Scranton may seem like a small town, but it will feel like the biggest town in the world if you lose your friends.

9.Remember that the Internet is forever.

I beg you not to post pictures with alcohol. Yes, you may get numerous likes on instagram but is one post really worth ruining your future?

10.Don’t forget a phone charger.

Your phone will not last the whole day, especially if you are sending snapchats and answering your mom’s worried text messages.

11.Don’t put any of your drinks down.

You will not know every single person at the party you are at and you do not know what people are capable of.

12.Never take a drink from anyone else.

Once again, you do not know what people are capable of.

13.Know when it is time to go home.

Retiring for the night is not a bad thing. Know when it is in your best interests to go home.

14.Keep track of your friends.

You may want to think about yourself and having fun on parade day but, making sure that everyone is safe will be just as rewarding.

15.Have fun!


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