Tea Spotlight: House of Steep

Place: House of Steep

Location: Arlington, VA

What did you order? After several minutes of anxiety because of their wonderfully loaded tea menu, I was made aware that I would be able to mix whatever teas I wanted to. Bad idea. That added another 5-10 minutes! I finally saw that they had elder flower, which I thought was only a European thing, (British Elder Flower is like Jesus in a glass) so I ordered the elder flower tea leaves with oolong tea leaves. Elderflower (there's also an elderberry) is more of a sweeter green tea, whereas oolong is an earthy/nutty black tea. They were odd yet PERFECT together!

Description of visit: The location almost makes it look pretty sketch, though this place is nothing such! It's very quaint, hippy, and relaxing. There's a really cute server named Jonathan... wait, am I allowed to post his name? Whatever! But that should be motivation for you to get up and go, and there is also a fellow Marymount student there! Shout out to Amanda! She's there on Saturdays, so go visit and show your support! My friend and I had a wonderful time sipping new creations, eating homemade tea biscuits, and chatting with the servers!

Recommendations: There's also a foot sanctuary... yes, sanctuary! So as you sip tea, you can get a massage, and your feet soaked. A tea shop AND a spa, along with cute boys, and MU friends... who wouldn't want to spend an afternoon here?! Men, I am totally available for dates as well.


[Image Credits: Google Images and Keisha Branch]