Surviving Fall Semester: Her Campus Style

It’s official, we survived the beginning of our fall semester. So what if it took us 237 cups of coffee, hitting the snooze button for your 9:30am class a dozen times, and a few all-nighters? We made it. Here at Her Campus, we like to make transitions- such as back-to-school and exams- as smooth as possible. Today, we’re showing you the greatest products, campaigns and free goodies that got us through the back-to-school blues.

Our morning routines started with TRESemmé's Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creation Sea Foam, infused with Sea Kelp Extract. The foam creates soft, beautiful waves that lasts us all day.

My hair is naturally crazy, but Tresemme helps it look normal with the perfectly (un)done collection! It helps my hair get it's natural wave going on, and any day that I get to wear my hair naturally is a good day! - Jess

We experimented with our daily make up routine by adding NYC New York Color’s eye-shadows. They have 24-hour waterproof coverage and incredible colors, all named after New York City’s most famous hot spots!

"So in love with my NYC eyeshadow which I use as my new blue lip stick. This make up tip is great for college kids who can't afford to buy $20 lipstick from MAC but can get a less than $5 eye shadow crayon to use on your lips as a supplement. Thanks to Her Campus, my confidence can now be as bold as my lips!" - Alisha

Morning coffee just got a whole lot healthier with Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener! Made with all natural ingredients, including stevia and natural cane sugar, Zing has all the benefits of a sugar substitute without the funky aftertaste plus no artificial junk!

MZ Wallace makes going to class a whole lot, well, classier, with the gorgeous Chelsea Tote! Using either the leather handles or longer, detachable strap helps you get around campus with ease, creating a soft and beautiful look to match your outfit on any occasion!

"The MZ Wallace Chelsea Tote is incredible. The material is so soft yet functional and easy to spot clean. I'm in love with it." - Lauren

When lunch rolls around we have only a few words: buy one get one free Chipotle. Need we say more?

5-hour Energy's headphones gave us a chance to listen to our favorite music in between classes, complete with cool colors!

"Listening is key when interviewing campus celebs and cuties. These five hour energy ear buds make it easy!" - Hope

After a long day of classes we head back to our dorms that are decked out in HC gear. Our favorite? The Her Campus pennant makes us feel the love!

Reppin' Her Campus is always a must!

My Social Canvas is a great avenue to give back this semester and shed light on a few social issues with shirts, stickers and postcards! We had a blast looking up shirts to create after catching up on schoolwork!

Finally, it’s time to sleep and start all over in the morning! Before bed we picked up a chapter excerpt from E. Lockhart’s newest suspenseful novel, We Were Liars.

"This free preview has me wanting more. A must read!" - Janae

Take it from us, the beginning of the semester wasn’t easy, but with these great products our lives got a little more fun! HCXO!

[All image credits to the Her Campus Marymount team!]