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Style Hacks for 2015: Your Guide to Spicing Up Your Look This New Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marymount chapter.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution to change up your style and try something new? Welcome to your guide of style hacks for 2015, complete with a few fashion secrets and what’s hot in the New Year’s trends!

This is the low-down of what you need to know. Check it out! 

To look slimmerDark wash jeans

No matter what your shape is, a pair of well-fitted dark wash jeans will cause you to appear slimmer! Light acid-wash jeans tend to create the opposite effect in many women so dark wash jeans are the best bet to appear like a lean-mean-fighting-machine!

Button up

In order to create an hourglass look, it helps to button up from the waist to the bust. Steer clear of excessive cleavage and manipulate proportions instead. For example, wear a blazer or sweater with a fitted blouse. This way you create balance in your look!Accentuate your shape

We all come in different shapes and sizes, it is important to roughly know your body type, and dress it well! One of the most major components of dressing for your shape is to know your shape. When your frame is that of a ruler, and you dress for an apple shape, or vice versa, you are doing the opposite of accentuating your shape. Know your assets, and play them up because you are H-O-T-T and deserve each of the benefits that comes with knowing how to play up those assets!

To look more mature


I am one of those people who is frequently told that they look younger than their age. The guesses generally range from 15-18 by people significantly older than me, while most college students guess within the range of 18-23. At 21, I have no interest whatsoever in appearing 15. And I’m not alone! Many of my friends are in the same boat, being mistaken for younger than their age! So, some of the style hacks I use to appear “college-aged” are properly accessorizing and creating an age-appropriate makeup look. My go-to accessories are subtle statement necklaces, large eye-catching studs, and classic dangles. Choose some signature go-to pieces of your own, within the category of age-appropriate and noticeable! The accessories

Classy ladies know how to accessorize! Pay attention to some of the trends, and make them your own. The “statement” style appears to be the signature go-to look for millennials. Girl, you know you’ve seen a statement necklace, and probably own at least one! Time will tell if it’s here to stay, but for now this look is a top option! If you want to evoke Audrey, Jackie, and Coco, make pearls one of your go-to style picks. Pearls are always classic, professional, and age-appropriate. Think “classic.” That will lead to you looking like a mature, chic woman, without a chance of being linked to a little girl!  

The makeup

The lighter the palette of your makeup, the younger you will look- this is simply a general statement. Remember the included “lipstick” that came with your Lisa Frank collection when you were little? Chances are it was light pick, and not red. Find a shade that works for your skin tone because nowadays, there is definitely a shade for every woman out there. Keep it natural-looking, but remember to rock that red lip anytime, chica!

Bonus tip: Too much glitter in your eye shadow or blush will appear juvenile.

So, go for “shimmer” above extreme sparkles, and save any diamond-tinted lotion or spray for a special night out. Think once in a blue moon going to the club, or for NYE next year. The key in creating a mature makeup look is to use the right colors for your skin tone. Find a red lipstick that is bold, yet doesn’t wash you out, and a blush that accentuates your cheekbones, yet doesn’t make you look “embarrassed.” Create balance in your look, which will assist in your pursuits to look “womanly,” and less “little girly.”


To look classic

Find a happy medium between showing skin and being conservative

While real “classic” women know their assets, they aren’t showing off every single one. The key is to pick one area of cleavage at a time- usually it’s your bust, decolletage, legs, back, and your waist. Of course, we don’t want any hoochie mamas after reading this article, so the emphasis here is to cover up most of what you have. Pick one area to showcase responsibly for each look you create!

Be different

A real “classic” girl is timeless, as MKTO professes in their song. One way to create this look is to follow one trend at a time in your outfit. Or, don’t succumb to the standard styles that are so mainstream that everyone wears them. Where did the term “basic” come from? Wear what Y-O-U feel most comfortable in. And remember that the true meaning behind a classic girl is who she is on the inside, how she treats other people, the light in her smile, and glint in her eyes!


The philosophical fashion takeaway is to dress in a way that you feel comfortable in and you know makes you look good and feel confident. The more effort you put into your look, the better you will feel about yourself because you are being proactive in taking care of yourself! Happy styling, friends!