Nail Trends to Try this Spring

With spring right around the corner it is time to switch out your dark and dull winter colors with pastels. That might go for your wardrobe, but I am a firm believer that it goes for nail polish as well. To me, every season has a color sequence. Summer is bright and vibrant colors. Fall is plums and rubies. Winter is dark and deep colors. Spring is pastels. With that being said here are some fun nail ideas to try out this spring!

1. Flower Power 

This first nail look is super simple and looks super cute. First, you want to start off by painting all of your nails a base color, except for your ring finger, because you'll want to paint that one white. Then on your middle finger dab a small circle or half circle of yellow polish. Then take a white polish, brushing some off gently onto a napkin, and then swiping it gently outward from the yellow circle on your nail. There you have it, a super simple and cute statement nail. You can either leave your ring finger white or you can add a textured polish over the white coat. 

2. Pastel French Manicure 

This next look is relatively simple and can be achieved on your own or at a salon. What you want to do is swap out the typical white of a French Manicure with a pastel color. My favorite would be a baby pink or a pretty lavender. 

3. Solid Pastel 

You can't get much easier than this look and it's especially great for my super simple girls. All you need is a pastel nail polish to coat onto all of you nails. It's really that simple!

4. A Sequin Statement 

Here is another statement nail look. What you want to do is paint all of your nails, except for your ring finger, a pastel color. Then you can start on your ring finger with a base coat of white. On top of the white polish, apply your favorite sequin or shimmering nail polish. 

5. Nails Ready For Easter 

Lastly, we have a super fun look that screams Easter all the way - this adorable bunny look. All you need is a pastel base color, a baby pink, and a white nail polish. You paint all of your nails with the base color and then make bunny ears on your ring finger using the white polish. To make them look more realistic add a touch of baby pink. There you go, the cutest nails anyone has ever seen. You are sure to get many compliments. 

So ladies, I hope you decide to try some of these simple, yet adorable, spring nails. Spring can often be rainy and a bit drab, but these fun nails are sure to brighten anyone's day!