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Morning Routine: Expectation vs. Reality

Even if we don’t want to admit it, ladies, we all know there is no such thing as a glamorous morning routine. From the time you basically pound your alarm clock to death until the moment you step out the door, a lot goes down, and most of it is anything but glamorous. Let’s put into perspective what we expect with our morning routines to be against what actually happens.


Waking Up:

Expectation: “I woke up like this!” #Flawless

Reality: “I woke up like this…” #disaster

Come on ladies, we know it is so unrealistic to wake up gracefully and without a care in the world. Many mornings we hit snooze way to many times and often find ourselves in a tizzy when we realize we slept a whole hour later than we planned too.


Eating Breakfast:

Expectation: As girls, we all expect a nice breakfast in bed or a home cooked meal. 

Reality: In reality, we are lucky if we can eat breakfast or find more than some stale cereal and low-fat milk. Coffee and a granola bar will do.


Brushing Teeth:

Expectation: We all expect to be able to brush our pearly whites like the lovely people on the commercials.

Reality: In reality we are lucky if we don’t get toothpaste all over our faces, the counter, and somehow the mirror. That still remains a mystery to me.


Washing Your Face:

Expectation: Once again, like the commercials, we wish we could wash our faces oh so nicely and splash water oh so perfectly. Then we expect to follow with a toner and moisturizer.

Reality: Yeah… about that… That’s not going to happen. You’re lucky if you allow yourself enough time to wash your face or splash it with water. Sometimes a quick blot with a towel or makeup wipe is good enough.


Doing Your Makeup:

Expectation: Primer: check. Foundation: check. Concealer: check. Blush: check. Bronzer: check. Flawless full on eye look:check!

Reality: Swipe of eyeliner, mascara, Chap Stick. In that order. If we are lucky enough to have time to apply makeup we usually are not awake enough to do it properly.


Doing Your Hair:

Expectation: In a perfect world our hair would be tame in the morning, but if not we would have time to curl or straighten it everyday.

Reality: A messy bun or ponytail it is and lets be real that messy bun is hard to perfect… 

Getting Dressed:

Expectation: Picking an outfit out the night before and having it be just what you want to wear the next day. Feeling sensational!

Reality: You picked out an outfit the night before, but the next day it isn’t good enough anymore. You rummage though your closet to find absolutely nothing. A sweatshirt and jeans it is or occasionally, after all the rummaging, you settle for what you picked out the first time around.


Leaving for Class:

Expectation: All is well, your morning routine went perfectly, your bag is packed, and you are ready to conquer the day!

Reality: After leaving your room or the house you realize you forgot something. You then have to return to get what you needed. Leaving on time is just overrated.

Don’t lie to yourself… You know it’s true! No morning can ever go as planned and if it does you should consider yourself blessed. 

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