Micheal Laviena '17


Name:  Micheal Laviena

Age: 19

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biology

Hometown: Chambersburg, PA

Hobbies: Playing soccer, listening to music, and working out

Activities: Student Ambassador, Computer Lab Assistant, and former player on the Marymount Soccer Team

Relationship Status: Single ready to mingle

3 words to describe yourself: Outgoing, honest, and adventurous

What qualities do you look for in a girl? Intellectual, personality, and confidence

What is your favorite or most embarrassing college memory so far?  Favorite is being able to go to college with my brother. Its not everyday you get to go to the club with your bro!

Favorite pick-up line: From the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Girl I know your legs must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind ALL DAY!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Out of med school, practicing, being a doctor, traveling, and living life.

What’s your spirit animal and why? Otter, beacause their playful, caring, and always fun to be around.

Favorite place in the world: Puerto Rico

Celebrity Crush: Shakira

Hot or Not?

  • Crop tops? Depends on the situation
  • Uggs? Not

This or That?

  • Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift? Miley Cyrus
  • Small get together or rager? Small get together

If you could have one super power, what would it be? Invisibility 

It’s a Saturday night, where can you be found? Out and about

What's your life motto/favorite quote? Believe you can, your half way there.

What magazine do you like most? Sports Illustrator

Who is your favorite artist? Too many to choose from

How would you want a girl to approach you? Have confidence, say what she needs to say and see how things go from there.

What's your ideal date? Picking up the lady, going on a picnic either at the park or waterfront, a long walk or a drive with no destination in mind, and maybe top it off with a nice little movie night.