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Meet Tynisha (Nene) Parks

Name: Tynisha Parks (Nene)           

Year: 2013

Major: Fashion Design

Where are you from? Virginia

What activities were you involved in when you were at Marymount?  I was actually involved in a lot of clubs when I was on campus. Black Student Association Vice-President for one year (2011-2012), African Caribbean Association, The L.I.S.T, & Fashion Club.  I also played on the women’s basketball team for two years (2011-2012 /2012-2013). I also pretty much went to all the activities on campus, especially Wednesday nights in Bernie’s. 

How did you get into Fashion Design? Ha. Fashion kind of spooked up on me.  All through high school my main focus was basketball. So fashion wasn’t really a big deal until my senior year. I enrolled in a fashion design class that year at another high school (West Potomac in Alexandria) to get away from the same ole’ people at my school, and from there I fell in love! I enjoyed sewing, I had the opportunity to work one of my first fashion shows, and I even had some pieces I designed in the show. Besides I am much more on the creative side. Taking test and writing really isn’t my thing, so that was another plus for me to getting into this field.

What was the easiest class you’ve had at Marymount and why? Hmm. The easiest class for me was Theatre Design. I took that class my sophomore year and it was so much fun. I barely looked at the homework as “homework”. We basically read a bunch of plays and had to design outfits for the characters based on their personality in that play. Another great thing is that there were never any wrong answers.  

What was the most difficult class you’ve had at Marymount and why? I am definitely giving this spot to Microeconomics. For me, it was incredibly challenging. Luckily I had the amazing Professor Pomeroy, who stuck with me and guided me when I was being challenged.

Most embarrassing moment? This is probably a really lame embarrassing moment, cause I hardly ever get embarrassed. But, during my junior year I took a business marketing class and at the end of class I went up to speak to my professor about missing a class because of an away game I had that Wednesday.  (Reminding you guys this was my first season on the team!!) So then my professor calls everybody back in the classroom and she tells everyone to sit down and says, “ This young lady is on the basketball team and WHOEVER goes to the game will get extra credit for free.” It was just really embarrassing because we all needed that extra credit and I wasn’t in the swing of things on the court yet so I didn’t want anybody to see me play poorly.

Most memorable moment? Most memorable moment was winning the CAC Championship in 2013 against one of our biggest rivals, Mary Washington. That really sent me off with a bang to finish my senior year.

What are you doing now and how did you get there?  Now I work as a personal design assistant for an independent swimwear company. Upon much research, phone calls, and e-mails I snagged this job. It’s pretty hard to land a design position in DC. So yes, all of the calling and sending e-mails to a bunch of designers is important.

How did Marymount prepare you for where you are now?

  • I would say Marymount’s community prepared me mentally. Like how to deal with people, is such a big one for me. Also being prepared for anything, such as job interviews, and life in general. From my freshman year to my senior year, I can definitely see the growth in my attitude and just being a lot more open minded.
  • As for the classes, of course you’re not going to get taught every single thing you need to know in your field, we would be in school forever if that’s the case. But, it gave me the skills to be confident enough to succeed in this competitive industry.

Advice for incoming students? My advice would be to keep reminding yourself that you are here to get from point A to point B (graduation!). There will always be distractions, but don’t get so lost in them that your goals are being push backed for nothing. With that said, you’re young, mistakes are going to happen, so just get back up and keep fighting.  Lastly, It’s okay to have some fun! =)

Advice for seniors? SENNNIOOORRRSSS !! It’s your year! Have your fun, participate in senior week and do everything they offer you, go to all the events because it’s your last year being within miles of most of your close friends. But, also buckle down for the real world. I would say apply to all the jobs you possibly can, you want to have those options before you graduate. Network like crazy because if anything those contacts will be used more than you think.

This or That?

  • Being a student or Being in the real world? Being in the real world for me. Because if you do what you love its not work, unlike being a student.
  • Clarendon or DC? D.C is more fun for me because it is a lot more fun and many more attractions than Clarendon of course.
  • Heels or Flats? This is tough. I love being comfortable on a daily basis, but when I go out, I show off with some heels.  It’s only right.
  • Tyson’s or Pentagon? Tyson’s definitely. It’s less ratchet. Lol (Just being honest) 


[Image Credits: Tynisha Parks]

Linda Quinones is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Marymount. She is also a member of the executive board, specializing in recruitment for the Student Ambassador program. The 21 year old is originally from New York City and has dreams of working for Seventeen Magazine and making her mark in the fashion industry. She was raised by a single mother, whose hard work, sacrifice and independence inspires her everyday to be the best she can be. 
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