Eat BIG Buns!

Place: Big Buns (best restaurant name if you ask me!)

Location: Arlington, VA (Ballston)

What did you buy? I ordered the loaded cheese fries with a strawberry and nutella milkshake… and the second time I got the sweet potato fries with blue cheese (a custom order).

Description of visit: This delicious eatery is right across from the Ballston metro through the cute park area where the Farmer’s Market takes place (beside the Grand Cru Winery). You can get a really nice all American meal, and a glass of wine afterwards (if you’re of age, of course)! The staff is really awesome and they had no problem mixing things up that they had never tried before.

Recommendations: No recommendations on what to order, however between the hours of 3pm and 6:37pm (weird timing, I know) they have happy hour, EVERYDAY! Meaning, loaded fries for $3, sliders for $2, and half priced shakes! YUM YUM YUM!!!! Shall I reiterate, E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y-!!!

[Image credits: Keisha Branch]