Crepes & Wine

Place: Oby Lee Creperie and Winery

Location: Clarendon, VA

What did you order? I ordered the grilled cheese crepe and the strawberry, banana, and nutella crepe for dessert. Savory and sweet, and extremely delicious!

Description of Visit: Only about a 5 minute walk from the Clarendon Metro, this place is in a very cute section of Clarendon down the street from the popular bars you all go to, and they have crepes AND wine! It was actually very quiet and I don’t think a lot of people know about it which is makes the atomosphere quite cozy. The service is awesome, and the prices aren’t bad for a collegiette's budget! What's better than crepes and wine rolled into an awesome "all-in-one" deal?!

Recommendations: No recommendations on what to order, the entire menu looks scrumptious--do try the strawberry, banana, and nutella sweet crepe… everyone loves Nutella! Also, I think this would be the perfect date spot! There’s an outside sitting area and come springtime, I’m pretty sure I will be going on a date there… should I find a date. Any takers?


[Image credits: Keisha Branch]