Collegiette Problems: 8 Technologies That Would Make Life Easier

This IS the 21st century, right? Or have I missed something? Although we seem to be so advanced in the technology department, we're lacking in apps and devices to alleviate our daily collegiette problems (*cues tiny violin*). Here are a few suggestions the future Steve Jobs of the world could work on to help out with the day to day struggles.



A Snapchat feature that will reply for you

You know that guy who just won’t take you seriously when you’re absolutely serious about not being serious with him? Yeah. All you need is a simple automatic reply that is neutral and can be sent to whomever you want! This amazing feature comes without the over-thinking or the need to fake happiness! You could just block him... but that would be too simple now wouldn't it?



A device that automatically knows the next song that you want to listen to.

This device can be hooked up to phone or Mp3 device and will know exactly what song that it should play next. Focuses on your mood, attitude, and feeling at that second in time.


Slay the Beast

Helping you say goodbye to that phantom craving.

You know that feeling you get when you hunt around your room for food and you just cannot find anything that will satisfy that craving? Well this is the solution. Just one zap of this handy device and your craving will vanish followed by a lovely feeling of a satisfaction you can only get after consuming what you have been longing for. (Side effects include burning sensations at the site of zapping and slight nausea followed by bouts of self-doubt)


Face In, Face Out

Hassle-free makeup

Finally, the stress of putting on makeup is over with this insane method. Just place your face in the conveniently head-shaped palette and emerge with a full face of flawless makeup- no matter what your event! (This girl's got the idea!)


Clone Me

“There are two of me!?”

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If we can clone ourselves, we may be able to keep our sanity as college students. Maybe.


Dry Wash

With added tropical fragrance

Who has time to shower these days? I mean, really. Dry shampoo is a wonderful thing. Let's take it a step further and add a no-water-added soap into the mix of our daily routine.


Beam Me

For those days when you can’t even...

It is time for the world to have that teleportation device. With Beam Me, you can have the extra 15 minutes of sleep before that 8 am class. All you have to do is step into this human-friendly sized contraption and state the exact location of where you need to be. Kinda like Harry Potter’s floo powder system, except… less dusty.


Free Tampons

No this is not an invention… yet it is a necessity.

Eight bucks for that ONE time of the month? No. Thank. You.


Rant over. Now get on it, people!